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CMake 3.2 Release Notes
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Changes made since CMake 3.1 include the following.
New Features
* CMake learned to support unicode characters
:ref:`encoded as UTF-8 <CMake Language Encoding>`
on Windows. This was already supported on platforms whose
system APIs accept UTF-8 encoded strings.
Unicode characters may now be used in CMake code, paths to
source files, configured files such as ```` files, and
other files read and written by CMake. Note that because CMake
interoperates with many other tools, there may still be some
limitations when using certain unicode characters.
* The :command:`add_custom_command` and :command:`add_custom_target`
commands learned a new ``BYPRODUCTS`` option to specify files
produced as side effects of the custom commands. These are not
outputs because they do not always have to be newer than inputs.
* The :command:`add_custom_command` and :command:`add_custom_target`
commands learned a new ``USES_TERMINAL`` option to request that
the command be given direct access to the terminal if possible.
The :generator:`Ninja` generator will places such commands in the
``console`` :prop_gbl:`pool <JOB_POOLS>`. Build targets provided by CMake
that are meant for individual interactive use, such as ``install``, are now
placed in this pool.
* A new :command:`continue` command was added that can be called inside loop
contexts to end the current iteration and start the next one at the top of
the loop block.
* The :command:`file(LOCK)` subcommand was created to allow CMake
processes to synchronize through file and directory locks.
* The :command:`file(STRINGS)` now supports UTF-16LE, UTF-16BE,
UTF-32LE, UTF-32BE as ``ENCODING`` options.
* The :command:`install(EXPORT)` command now works with an absolute
``DESTINATION`` even if targets in the export set are installed
with a destination or :ref:`usage requirements <Target Usage Requirements>`
specified relative to the install prefix. The value of the
:variable:`CMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX` variable is hard-coded into the installed
export file as the base for relative references.
* The :command:`try_compile` command source file signature now honors
link flags (e.g. :variable:`CMAKE_EXE_LINKER_FLAGS`) in the generated
test project. See policy :policy:`CMP0056`.
* The :command:`try_run` command learned to honor the ``LINK_LIBRARIES``
option just as :command:`try_compile` already does.
* The :command:`file(GENERATE)` command now generates the output file with
the same permissions as the input file if set.
* The :command:`file(GENERATE)` command can now generate files which are
used as source files for buildsystem targets. Generated files
automatically get their :prop_sf:`GENERATED` property set to ``TRUE``.
* The :variable:`CMAKE_MATCH_COUNT` variable was introduced to record the
number of matches made in the last regular expression matched in an
:command:`if` command or a :command:`string` command.
* An :prop_tgt:`ANDROID_API_MIN` target property was introduced to
specify the minimum version to be targeted by the toolchain.
* A :prop_sf:`VS_SHADER_FLAGS` source file property was added to specify
additional shader flags to ``.hlsl`` files, for the Visual Studio
* The :module:`ExternalData` module learned to support
:ref:`Custom Fetch Scripts <ExternalData Custom Fetch Scripts>`.
This allows projects to specify custom ``.cmake`` scripts for
fetching data objects during the build.
* The :module:`ExternalProject` module learned options to create
independent external project step targets that do not depend
on the builtin steps.
* The :module:`ExternalProject` module :command:`ExternalProject_Add`
command learned a new ``CMAKE_CACHE_DEFAULT_ARGS`` option to
initialize cache values in the external project without setting
them on future builds.
* The :module:`ExternalProject` module :command:`ExternalProject_Add`
command learned a new ``TEST_EXCLUDE_FROM_MAIN`` option to exclude
tests from the main build.
* The :module:`ExternalProject` module :command:`ExternalProject_Add`
command learned a new ``UPDATE_DISCONNECTED`` option to avoid
automatically updating the source tree checkout from version control.
* The :module:`FindCUDA` module learned about the ``cusolver``
library in CUDA 7.0.
* The :module:`FindGit` module learned to find the ``git`` command-line tool
that comes with GitHub for Windows installed in user home directories.
* A :module:`FindGSL` module was introduced to find the
GNU Scientific Library.
* A :module:`FindIntl` module was introduced to find the
Gettext ``libintl`` library.
* The :module:`FindLATEX` module learned to support components.
* The :module:`FindMPI` module learned to find MS-MPI on Windows.
* The :module:`FindOpenSSL` module now reports ``crypto`` and ``ssl``
libraries separately in ``OPENSSL_CRYPTO_LIBRARY`` and
``OPENSSL_SSL_LIBRARY``, respectively, to allow applications to
link to one without the other.
* The :module:`WriteCompilerDetectionHeader` module learned to
create a define for portability of the ``cxx_thread_local`` feature.
The define expands to either the C++11 ``thread_local`` keyword, or a
pre-standardization compiler-specific equivalent, as appropriate.
* The :module:`WriteCompilerDetectionHeader` module learned to create
multiple output files per compiler and per language, instead of creating
one large file.
* The :command:`ctest_coverage` command learned to support Delphi coverage.
* The :command:`ctest_coverage` command learned to support Javascript coverage.
* The :module:`CTestCoverageCollectGCOV` module was introduced as an
alternative to the :command:`ctest_coverage` command for collecting
``gcov`` results for submission to CDash.
* The :cpack_gen:`CPack RPM Generator` learned options to set per-component
descriptions and summaries. See the
:variable:`CPACK_RPM_<component>_PACKAGE_DESCRIPTION` and
:variable:`CPACK_RPM_<component>_PACKAGE_SUMMARY` variables.
* The :cpack_gen:`CPack RPM Generator` learned options to specify
requirements for pre- and post-install scripts. See the
:variable:`CPACK_RPM_PACKAGE_REQUIRES_POST` variables.
* The :cpack_gen:`CPack RPM Generator` learned options to specify
requirements for pre- and post-uninstall scripts. See the
* The :cpack_gen:`CPack RPM Generator` learned a new
:variable:`CPACK_RPM_<COMPONENT>_PACKAGE_PREFIX` variable to
specify a component-specific value to use instead of
* The :cpack_gen:`CPack RPM Generator` learned a new
:variable:`CPACK_RPM_RELOCATION_PATHS` variable to
specify multiple relocation prefixes for a single rpm package.
* The :manual:`cmake(1)` ``-E tar`` command now supports creating
``.xz``-compressed archives with the ``J`` flag.
* The :manual:`cmake(1)` ``-E tar`` command learned a new
``--files-from=<file>`` option to specify file names using
lines in a file to overcome command-line length limits.
* The :manual:`cmake(1)` ``-E tar`` command learned a new
``--mtime=<date>`` option to specify the modification time
recorded in tarball entries.
* The :manual:`Compile Features <cmake-compile-features(7)>` functionality
is now aware of features supported by more compilers, including:
* Apple Clang (``AppleClang``) for Xcode versions 4.4 though 6.1.
* GNU compiler versions 4.4 through 5.0 on UNIX and Apple (``GNU``).
* Microsoft Visual Studio (``MSVC``) for versions 2010 through 2015.
* Oracle SolarisStudio (``SunPro``) version 12.4.
* The :ref:`Qt AUTORCC` feature now tracks files listed in ``.qrc`` files
as dependencies. If an input file to the ``rcc`` tool is changed, the tool
is automatically re-run.
New Diagnostics
* The :command:`break` command now rejects calls outside of a loop
context or that pass arguments to the command.
See policy :policy:`CMP0055`.
Deprecated and Removed Features
* Files written in the :manual:`cmake-language(7)`, such as
``CMakeLists.txt`` or ``*.cmake`` files, are now expected to be
encoded as UTF-8. If files are already ASCII, they will be
compatible. If files were in a different encoding, including
Latin 1, they will need to be converted.
* The :module:`FindOpenGL` module no longer explicitly searches
for any dependency on X11 libraries with the :module:`FindX11`
module. Such dependencies should not need to be explicit.
Applications using X11 APIs themselves should find and link
to X11 libraries explicitly.
* The implementation of CMake now relies on some C++ compiler features which
are not supported by some older compilers. As a result, those old compilers
can no longer be used to build CMake itself. CMake continues to be able to
generate Makefiles and project files for users of those old compilers
however. Compilers known to no longer be capable of building CMake are:
* Visual Studio 6 and 7.0 -- superseded by VisualStudio 7.1 and newer.
* GCC 2.95 -- superseded by GCC 3 and newer compilers.
* Borland compilers -- superseded by other Windows compilers.
* Compaq compilers -- superseded by other compilers.
* SGI compilers -- IRIX was dropped as a host platform.
Other Changes
* On Windows and OS X, commands supporting network communication
via ``https``, such as :command:`file(DOWNLOAD)`,
:command:`file(UPLOAD)`, and :command:`ctest_submit`, now support
SSL/TLS even when CMake is not built against OpenSSL.
The Windows or OS X native SSL/TLS implementation is used by default.
OS-configured certificate authorities will be trusted automatically.
On other platforms, when CMake is built with OpenSSL, these
commands now search for OS-configured certificate authorities
in a few ``/etc`` paths to be trusted automatically.
* On OS X with Makefile and Ninja generators, when a compiler is found
in ``/usr/bin`` it is now mapped to the corresponding compiler inside
the Xcode application folder, if any. This allows such build
trees to continue to work with their original compiler even when
``xcode-select`` switches to a different Xcode installation.
* The Visual Studio generators now write solution and project
files in UTF-8 instead of Windows-1252. Windows-1252 supported
Latin 1 languages such as those found in North and South America
and Western Europe. With UTF-8, additional languages are now
* The :generator:`Xcode` generator no longer requires a value for
the :variable:`CMAKE_MAKE_PROGRAM` variable to be located up front.
It now locates ``xcodebuild`` when needed at build time.
* When building CMake itself using SolarisStudio 12, the default ``libCStd``
standard library is not sufficient to build CMake. The SolarisStudio
distribution supports compiler options to use ``STLPort4`` or ``libstdc++``.
An appropriate option to select the standard library is now added
automatically when building CMake with SolarisStudio compilers.