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/* Distributed under the OSI-approved BSD 3-Clause License. See accompanying
file Copyright.txt or for details. */
#ifndef cmListFileCache_h
#define cmListFileCache_h
#include "cmConfigure.h" // IWYU pragma: keep
#include <iosfwd>
#include <memory> // IWYU pragma: keep
#include <stddef.h>
#include <string>
#include <vector>
#include "cmStateSnapshot.h"
/** \class cmListFileCache
* \brief A class to cache list file contents.
* cmListFileCache is a class used to cache the contents of parsed
* cmake list files.
class cmMessenger;
struct cmCommandContext
struct cmCommandName
std::string Lower;
std::string Original;
cmCommandName() {}
cmCommandName(std::string const& name) { *this = name; }
cmCommandName& operator=(std::string const& name);
} Name;
long Line;
: Line(0)
cmCommandContext(const char* name, int line)
: Name(name)
, Line(line)
struct cmListFileArgument
enum Delimiter
: Value()
, Delim(Unquoted)
, Line(0)
cmListFileArgument(const std::string& v, Delimiter d, long line)
: Value(v)
, Delim(d)
, Line(line)
bool operator==(const cmListFileArgument& r) const
return (this->Value == r.Value) && (this->Delim == r.Delim);
bool operator!=(const cmListFileArgument& r) const { return !(*this == r); }
std::string Value;
Delimiter Delim;
long Line;
class cmListFileContext
std::string Name;
std::string FilePath;
long Line;
: Name()
, FilePath()
, Line(0)
static cmListFileContext FromCommandContext(cmCommandContext const& lfcc,
std::string const& fileName)
cmListFileContext lfc;
lfc.FilePath = fileName;
lfc.Line = lfcc.Line;
lfc.Name = lfcc.Name.Original;
return lfc;
std::ostream& operator<<(std::ostream&, cmListFileContext const&);
bool operator<(const cmListFileContext& lhs, const cmListFileContext& rhs);
bool operator==(cmListFileContext const& lhs, cmListFileContext const& rhs);
bool operator!=(cmListFileContext const& lhs, cmListFileContext const& rhs);
struct cmListFileFunction : public cmCommandContext
std::vector<cmListFileArgument> Arguments;
// Represent a backtrace (call stack). Provide value semantics
// but use efficient reference-counting underneath to avoid copies.
class cmListFileBacktrace
// Default-constructed backtrace may not be used until after
// set via assignment from a backtrace constructed with a
// valid snapshot.
cmListFileBacktrace() = default;
// Construct an empty backtrace whose bottom sits in the directory
// indicated by the given valid snapshot.
cmListFileBacktrace(cmStateSnapshot const& snapshot);
// Backtraces may be copied, moved, and assigned as values.
cmListFileBacktrace(cmListFileBacktrace const&) = default;
cmListFileBacktrace(cmListFileBacktrace&&) // NOLINT(clang-tidy)
noexcept = default;
cmListFileBacktrace& operator=(cmListFileBacktrace const&) = default;
cmListFileBacktrace& operator=(cmListFileBacktrace&&) // NOLINT(clang-tidy)
noexcept = default;
~cmListFileBacktrace() = default;
cmStateSnapshot GetBottom() const;
// Get a backtrace with the given file scope added to the top.
// May not be called until after construction with a valid snapshot.
cmListFileBacktrace Push(std::string const& file) const;
// Get a backtrace with the given call context added to the top.
// May not be called until after construction with a valid snapshot.
cmListFileBacktrace Push(cmListFileContext const& lfc) const;
// Get a backtrace with the top level removed.
// May not be called until after a matching Push.
cmListFileBacktrace Pop() const;
// Get the context at the top of the backtrace.
// This may be called only if Empty() would return false.
cmListFileContext const& Top() const;
// Print the top of the backtrace.
void PrintTitle(std::ostream& out) const;
// Print the call stack below the top of the backtrace.
void PrintCallStack(std::ostream& out) const;
// Get the number of 'frames' in this backtrace
size_t Depth() const;
// Return true if this backtrace is empty.
bool Empty() const;
struct Entry;
std::shared_ptr<Entry const> TopEntry;
cmListFileBacktrace(std::shared_ptr<Entry const> parent,
cmListFileContext const& lfc);
cmListFileBacktrace(std::shared_ptr<Entry const> top);
struct cmListFile
bool ParseFile(const char* path, cmMessenger* messenger,
cmListFileBacktrace const& lfbt);
std::vector<cmListFileFunction> Functions;