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/* Distributed under the OSI-approved BSD 3-Clause License. See accompanying
file Copyright.txt or for details. */
#ifndef cmCTest_h
#define cmCTest_h
#include "cmConfigure.h" // IWYU pragma: keep
#include "cmDuration.h"
#include "cmProcessOutput.h"
#include <chrono>
#include <map>
#include <set>
#include <sstream>
#include <string>
#include <time.h>
#include <vector>
class cmCTestGenericHandler;
class cmCTestStartCommand;
class cmGeneratedFileStream;
class cmMakefile;
class cmXMLWriter;
/** \class cmCTest
* \brief Represents a ctest invocation.
* This class represents a ctest invocation. It is the top level class when
* running ctest.
class cmCTest
friend class cmCTestRunTest;
friend class cmCTestMultiProcessHandler;
typedef cmProcessOutput::Encoding Encoding;
/** Enumerate parts of the testing and submission process. */
enum Part
PartCount // Update names in constructor when adding a part
/** Representation of one part. */
struct PartInfo
: Enabled(false)
void SetName(const std::string& name) { this->Name = name; }
const std::string& GetName() const { return this->Name; }
void Enable() { this->Enabled = true; }
operator bool() const { return this->Enabled; }
std::vector<std::string> SubmitFiles;
bool Enabled;
std::string Name;
enum HTTPMethod
* Perform an HTTP request.
static int HTTPRequest(std::string url, HTTPMethod method,
std::string& response, std::string const& fields = "",
std::string const& putFile = "", int timeout = 0);
/** Get a testing part id from its string name. Returns PartCount
if the string does not name a valid part. */
Part GetPartFromName(const char* name);
typedef std::vector<std::string> VectorOfStrings;
typedef std::set<std::string> SetOfStrings;
/** Process Command line arguments */
int Run(std::vector<std::string>&, std::string* output = nullptr);
* Initialize and finalize testing
bool InitializeFromCommand(cmCTestStartCommand* command);
void Finalize();
* Process the dashboard client steps.
* Steps are enabled using SetTest()
* The execution of the steps (or #Part) should look like this:
* /code
* ctest foo;
* foo.Initialize();
* // Set some things on foo
* foo.ProcessSteps();
* foo.Finalize();
* /endcode
* \sa Initialize(), Finalize(), Part, PartInfo, SetTest()
int ProcessSteps();
* A utility function that returns the nightly time
struct tm* GetNightlyTime(std::string const& str, bool tomorrowtag);
* Is the tomorrow tag set?
bool GetTomorrowTag() { return this->TomorrowTag; }
* Try to run tests of the project
int TestDirectory(bool memcheck);
/** what is the configuration type, e.g. Debug, Release etc. */
std::string const& GetConfigType();
cmDuration GetTimeOut() { return this->TimeOut; }
void SetTimeOut(cmDuration t) { this->TimeOut = t; }
cmDuration GetGlobalTimeout() { return this->GlobalTimeout; }
/** how many test to run at the same time */
int GetParallelLevel() { return this->ParallelLevel; }
void SetParallelLevel(int);
unsigned long GetTestLoad() { return this->TestLoad; }
void SetTestLoad(unsigned long);
* Check if CTest file exists
bool CTestFileExists(const std::string& filename);
bool AddIfExists(Part part, const char* file);
* Set the cmake test
bool SetTest(const char*, bool report = true);
* Set the cmake test mode (experimental, nightly, continuous).
void SetTestModel(int mode);
int GetTestModel() { return this->TestModel; }
std::string GetTestModelString();
static int GetTestModelFromString(const char* str);
static std::string CleanString(const std::string& str);
std::string GetCTestConfiguration(const std::string& name);
void SetCTestConfiguration(const char* name, const char* value,
bool suppress = false);
void EmptyCTestConfiguration();
* constructor and destructor
/** Set the notes files to be created. */
void SetNotesFiles(const char* notes);
void PopulateCustomVector(cmMakefile* mf, const std::string& definition,
std::vector<std::string>& vec);
void PopulateCustomInteger(cmMakefile* mf, const std::string& def, int& val);
/** Get the current time as string */
std::string CurrentTime();
/** tar/gzip and then base 64 encode a file */
std::string Base64GzipEncodeFile(std::string const& file);
/** base64 encode a file */
std::string Base64EncodeFile(std::string const& file);
* Return the time remaining that the script is allowed to run in
* seconds if the user has set the variable CTEST_TIME_LIMIT. If that has
* not been set it returns a very large duration.
cmDuration GetRemainingTimeAllowed();
static cmDuration MaxDuration();
* Open file in the output directory and set the stream
bool OpenOutputFile(const std::string& path, const std::string& name,
cmGeneratedFileStream& stream, bool compress = false);
/** Should we only show what we would do? */
bool GetShowOnly();
bool ShouldUseHTTP10() { return this->UseHTTP10; }
bool ShouldPrintLabels() { return this->PrintLabels; }
bool ShouldCompressTestOutput();
bool CompressString(std::string& str);
std::chrono::system_clock::time_point GetStopTime()
return this->StopTime;
void SetStopTime(std::string const& time);
/** Used for parallel ctest job scheduling */
std::string GetScheduleType() { return this->ScheduleType; }
void SetScheduleType(std::string const& type) { this->ScheduleType = type; }
/** The max output width */
int GetMaxTestNameWidth() const;
void SetMaxTestNameWidth(int w) { this->MaxTestNameWidth = w; }
* Run a single executable command and put the stdout and stderr
* in output.
* If verbose is false, no user-viewable output from the program
* being run will be generated.
* If timeout is specified, the command will be terminated after
* timeout expires. Timeout is specified in seconds.
* Argument retVal should be a pointer to the location where the
* exit code will be stored. If the retVal is not specified and
* the program exits with a code other than 0, then the this
* function will return false.
bool RunCommand(std::vector<std::string> const& args, std::string* stdOut,
std::string* stdErr, int* retVal = nullptr,
const char* dir = nullptr,
cmDuration timeout = cmDuration::zero(),
Encoding encoding = cmProcessOutput::Auto);
* Clean/make safe for xml the given value such that it may be used as
* one of the key fields by CDash when computing the buildid.
static std::string SafeBuildIdField(const std::string& value);
/** Start CTest XML output file */
void StartXML(cmXMLWriter& xml, bool append);
/** End CTest XML output file */
void EndXML(cmXMLWriter& xml);
* Run command specialized for make and configure. Returns process status
* and retVal is return value or exception.
int RunMakeCommand(const char* command, std::string& output, int* retVal,
const char* dir, cmDuration timeout, std::ostream& ofs,
Encoding encoding = cmProcessOutput::Auto);
/** Return the current tag */
std::string GetCurrentTag();
/** Get the path to the build tree */
std::string GetBinaryDir();
* Get the short path to the file.
* This means if the file is in binary or
* source directory, it will become /.../relative/path/to/file
std::string GetShortPathToFile(const char* fname);
/** provide some more detailed info on the return code for ctest */
/** Are we producing XML */
bool GetProduceXML();
void SetProduceXML(bool v);
* Run command specialized for tests. Returns process status and retVal is
* return value or exception. If environment is non-null, it is used to set
* environment variables prior to running the test. After running the test,
* environment variables are restored to their previous values.
int RunTest(std::vector<const char*> args, std::string* output, int* retVal,
std::ostream* logfile, cmDuration testTimeOut,
std::vector<std::string>* environment,
Encoding encoding = cmProcessOutput::Auto);
* Execute handler and return its result. If the handler fails, it returns
* negative value.
int ExecuteHandler(const char* handler);
* Get the handler object
cmCTestGenericHandler* GetHandler(const char* handler);
cmCTestGenericHandler* GetInitializedHandler(const char* handler);
* Set the CTest variable from CMake variable
bool SetCTestConfigurationFromCMakeVariable(cmMakefile* mf,
const char* dconfig,
const std::string& cmake_var,
bool suppress = false);
/** Make string safe to be sent as a URL */
static std::string MakeURLSafe(const std::string&);
/** Decode a URL to the original string. */
static std::string DecodeURL(const std::string&);
* Should ctect configuration be updated. When using new style ctest
* script, this should be true.
void SetSuppressUpdatingCTestConfiguration(bool val)
this->SuppressUpdatingCTestConfiguration = val;
* Add overwrite to ctest configuration.
* The format is key=value
void AddCTestConfigurationOverwrite(const std::string& encstr);
/** Create XML file that contains all the notes specified */
int GenerateNotesFile(const VectorOfStrings& files);
/** Submit extra files to the server */
bool SubmitExtraFiles(const char* files);
bool SubmitExtraFiles(const VectorOfStrings& files);
/** Set the output log file name */
void SetOutputLogFileName(const char* name);
/** Set the visual studio or Xcode config type */
void SetConfigType(const char* ct);
/** Various log types */
DEBUG = 0,
/** Add log to the output */
void Log(int logType, const char* file, int line, const char* msg,
bool suppress = false);
/** Get the version of dart server */
int GetDartVersion() { return this->DartVersion; }
int GetDropSiteCDash() { return this->DropSiteCDash; }
/** Add file to be submitted */
void AddSubmitFile(Part part, const char* name);
std::vector<std::string> const& GetSubmitFiles(Part part)
return this->Parts[part].SubmitFiles;
void ClearSubmitFiles(Part part) { this->Parts[part].SubmitFiles.clear(); }
* Read the custom configuration files and apply them to the current ctest
int ReadCustomConfigurationFileTree(const char* dir, cmMakefile* mf);
std::vector<std::string>& GetInitialCommandLineArguments()
return this->InitialCommandLineArguments;
/** Set the track to submit to */
void SetSpecificTrack(const char* track);
const char* GetSpecificTrack();
void SetFailover(bool failover) { this->Failover = failover; }
bool GetFailover() { return this->Failover; }
bool GetTestProgressOutput() const { return this->TestProgressOutput; }
bool GetVerbose() { return this->Verbose; }
bool GetExtraVerbose() { return this->ExtraVerbose; }
/** Direct process output to given streams. */
void SetStreams(std::ostream* out, std::ostream* err)
this->StreamOut = out;
this->StreamErr = err;
void AddSiteProperties(cmXMLWriter& xml);
bool GetLabelSummary() { return this->LabelSummary; }
bool GetSubprojectSummary() { return this->SubprojectSummary; }
std::string GetCostDataFile();
const std::map<std::string, std::string>& GetDefinitions()
return this->Definitions;
/** Return the number of times a test should be run */
int GetTestRepeat() { return this->RepeatTests; }
/** Return true if test should run until fail */
bool GetRepeatUntilFail() { return this->RepeatUntilFail; }
void GenerateSubprojectsOutput(cmXMLWriter& xml);
std::vector<std::string> GetLabelsForSubprojects();
void SetRunCurrentScript(bool value);
int RepeatTests;
bool RepeatUntilFail;
std::string ConfigType;
std::string ScheduleType;
std::chrono::system_clock::time_point StopTime;
bool TestProgressOutput;
bool Verbose;
bool ExtraVerbose;
bool ProduceXML;
bool LabelSummary;
bool SubprojectSummary;
bool UseHTTP10;
bool PrintLabels;
bool Failover;
bool FlushTestProgressLine;
bool ForceNewCTestProcess;
bool RunConfigurationScript;
int GenerateNotesFile(const char* files);
// these are helper classes
typedef std::map<std::string, cmCTestGenericHandler*> t_TestingHandlers;
t_TestingHandlers TestingHandlers;
bool ShowOnly;
/** Map of configuration properties */
typedef std::map<std::string, std::string> CTestConfigurationMap;
// TODO: The ctest configuration should be a hierarchy of
// configuration option sources: command-line, script, ini file.
// Then the ini file can get re-loaded whenever it changes without
// affecting any higher-precedence settings.
CTestConfigurationMap CTestConfiguration;
CTestConfigurationMap CTestConfigurationOverwrites;
PartInfo Parts[PartCount];
typedef std::map<std::string, Part> PartMapType;
PartMapType PartMap;
std::string CurrentTag;
bool TomorrowTag;
int TestModel;
std::string SpecificTrack;
cmDuration TimeOut;
cmDuration GlobalTimeout;
int MaxTestNameWidth;
int ParallelLevel;
bool ParallelLevelSetInCli;
unsigned long TestLoad;
int CompatibilityMode;
// information for the --build-and-test options
std::string BinaryDir;
std::string NotesFiles;
bool InteractiveDebugMode;
bool ShortDateFormat;
bool CompressXMLFiles;
bool CompressTestOutput;
void InitStreams();
std::ostream* StreamOut;
std::ostream* StreamErr;
void BlockTestErrorDiagnostics();
* Initialize a dashboard run in the given build tree. The "command"
* argument is non-NULL when running from a command-driven (ctest_start)
* dashboard script, and NULL when running from the CTest command
* line. Note that a declarative dashboard script does not actually
* call this method because it sets CTEST_COMMAND to drive a build
* through the ctest command line.
int Initialize(const char* binary_dir, cmCTestStartCommand* command);
/** parse the option after -D and convert it into the appropriate steps */
bool AddTestsForDashboardType(std::string& targ);
/** read as "emit an error message for an unknown -D value" */
void ErrorMessageUnknownDashDValue(std::string& val);
/** add a variable definition from a command line -D value */
bool AddVariableDefinition(const std::string& arg);
/** parse and process most common command line arguments */
bool HandleCommandLineArguments(size_t& i, std::vector<std::string>& args,
std::string& errormsg);
/** returns true iff the console supports progress output */
bool ProgressOutputSupportedByConsole() const;
/** handle the -S -SP and -SR arguments */
void HandleScriptArguments(size_t& i, std::vector<std::string>& args,
bool& SRArgumentSpecified);
/** Reread the configuration file */
bool UpdateCTestConfiguration();
/** Create note from files. */
int GenerateCTestNotesOutput(cmXMLWriter& xml, const VectorOfStrings& files);
/** Check if the argument is the one specified */
bool CheckArgument(const std::string& arg, const char* varg1,
const char* varg2 = nullptr);
/** Output errors from a test */
void OutputTestErrors(std::vector<char> const& process_output);
/** Handle the --test-action command line argument */
bool HandleTestActionArgument(const char* ctestExec, size_t& i,
const std::vector<std::string>& args);
/** Handle the --test-model command line argument */
bool HandleTestModelArgument(const char* ctestExec, size_t& i,
const std::vector<std::string>& args);
int RunCMakeAndTest(std::string* output);
int ExecuteTests();
bool SuppressUpdatingCTestConfiguration;
bool Debug;
bool ShowLineNumbers;
bool Quiet;
int DartVersion;
bool DropSiteCDash;
std::vector<std::string> InitialCommandLineArguments;
int SubmitIndex;
cmGeneratedFileStream* OutputLogFile;
int OutputLogFileLastTag;
bool OutputTestOutputOnTestFailure;
std::map<std::string, std::string> Definitions;
class cmCTestLogWrite
cmCTestLogWrite(const char* data, size_t length)
: Data(data)
, Length(length)
const char* Data;
size_t Length;
inline std::ostream& operator<<(std::ostream& os, const cmCTestLogWrite& c)
if (!c.Length) {
return os;
os.write(c.Data, c.Length);
return os;
#define cmCTestLog(ctSelf, logType, msg) \
do { \
std::ostringstream cmCTestLog_msg; \
cmCTestLog_msg << msg; \
(ctSelf)->Log(cmCTest::logType, __FILE__, __LINE__, \
cmCTestLog_msg.str().c_str()); \
} while (false)
#define cmCTestOptionalLog(ctSelf, logType, msg, suppress) \
do { \
std::ostringstream cmCTestLog_msg; \
cmCTestLog_msg << msg; \
(ctSelf)->Log(cmCTest::logType, __FILE__, __LINE__, \
cmCTestLog_msg.str().c_str(), suppress); \
} while (false)