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/* Distributed under the OSI-approved BSD 3-Clause License. See accompanying
file Copyright.txt or for details. */
#ifndef cmCPackGenerator_h
#define cmCPackGenerator_h
#include "cmConfigure.h" // IWYU pragma: keep
#include <map>
#include <sstream>
#include <string>
#include <vector>
#include "cmCPackComponentGroup.h"
#include "cmSystemTools.h"
#include "cm_sys_stat.h"
class cmCPackLog;
class cmGlobalGenerator;
class cmInstalledFile;
class cmMakefile;
/** \class cmCPackGenerator
* \brief A superclass of all CPack Generators
class cmCPackGenerator
virtual const char* GetNameOfClass() = 0;
* If verbose then more information is printed out
void SetVerbose(bool val)
this->GeneratorVerbose =
val ? cmSystemTools::OUTPUT_MERGE : cmSystemTools::OUTPUT_NONE;
* Put underlying cmake scripts in trace mode.
void SetTrace(bool val) { this->Trace = val; }
* Put underlying cmake scripts in expanded trace mode.
void SetTraceExpand(bool val) { this->TraceExpand = val; }
* Returns true if the generator may work on this system.
* Rational:
* Some CPack generator may run on some host and may not on others
* (with the same system) because some tools are missing. If the tool
* is missing then CPack won't activate (in the CPackGeneratorFactory)
* this particular generator.
static bool CanGenerate() { return true; }
* Do the actual whole package processing.
* Subclass may redefine it but its usually enough
* to redefine @ref PackageFiles, because in fact
* this method do call:
* - PrepareName
* - clean-up temp dirs
* - InstallProject (with the appropriate method)
* - prepare list of files and/or components to be package
* - PackageFiles
* - Copy produced packages at the expected place
* @return 0 if error.
virtual int DoPackage();
* Initialize generator
int Initialize(const std::string& name, cmMakefile* mf);
* Construct generator
virtual ~cmCPackGenerator();
//! Set and get the options
void SetOption(const std::string& op, const char* value);
void SetOptionIfNotSet(const std::string& op, const char* value);
const char* GetOption(const std::string& op) const;
std::vector<std::string> GetOptions() const;
bool IsSet(const std::string& name) const;
bool IsOn(const std::string& name) const;
bool IsSetToOff(const std::string& op) const;
bool IsSetToEmpty(const std::string& op) const;
//! Set the logger
void SetLogger(cmCPackLog* log) { this->Logger = log; }
//! Display verbose information via logger
void DisplayVerboseOutput(const char* msg, float progress);
bool ReadListFile(const char* moduleName);
* Prepare common used names by inspecting
* several CPACK_xxx var values.
int PrepareNames();
* Install the project using appropriate method.
int InstallProject();
int CleanTemporaryDirectory();
cmInstalledFile const* GetInstalledFile(std::string const& name) const;
virtual const char* GetOutputExtension() { return ".cpack"; }
virtual const char* GetOutputPostfix() { return nullptr; }
* Prepare requested grouping kind from CPACK_xxx vars
* or
* @return 1 on success 0 on failure.
virtual int PrepareGroupingKind();
* Some CPack generators may prefer to have
* CPack install all components belonging to the same
* [component] group to be install in the same directory.
* The default behavior is to install each component in
* a separate directory.
* @param[in] componentName the name of the component to be installed
* @return the name suffix the generator wants for the specified component
* default is "componentName"
virtual std::string GetComponentInstallDirNameSuffix(
const std::string& componentName);
* CPack specific generator may mangle CPACK_PACKAGE_FILE_NAME
* @param[in] initialPackageFileName the initial package name to be mangled
* @param[in] groupOrComponentName the name of the group/component
* @param[in] isGroupName true if previous name refers to a group,
* false otherwise
virtual std::string GetComponentPackageFileName(
const std::string& initialPackageFileName,
const std::string& groupOrComponentName, bool isGroupName);
* Package the list of files and/or components which
* has been prepared by the beginning of DoPackage.
* @pre the @ref toplevel has been filled-in
* @pre the list of file @ref files has been populated
* @pre packageFileNames contains at least 1 entry
* @post packageFileNames may have been updated and contains
* the list of packages generated by the specific generator.
virtual int PackageFiles();
virtual const char* GetInstallPath();
virtual const char* GetPackagingInstallPrefix();
virtual std::string FindTemplate(const char* name);
virtual bool ConfigureFile(const char* inName, const char* outName,
bool copyOnly = false);
virtual bool ConfigureString(const std::string& input, std::string& output);
virtual int InitializeInternal();
//! Run install commands if specified
virtual int InstallProjectViaInstallCommands(
bool setDestDir, const std::string& tempInstallDirectory);
virtual int InstallProjectViaInstallScript(
bool setDestDir, const std::string& tempInstallDirectory);
virtual int InstallProjectViaInstalledDirectories(
bool setDestDir, const std::string& tempInstallDirectory,
const mode_t* default_dir_mode);
virtual int InstallProjectViaInstallCMakeProjects(
bool setDestDir, const std::string& tempInstallDirectory,
const mode_t* default_dir_mode);
virtual int RunPreinstallTarget(const std::string& installProjectName,
const std::string& installDirectory,
cmGlobalGenerator* globalGenerator,
const std::string& buildConfig);
virtual int InstallCMakeProject(
bool setDestDir, const std::string& installDirectory,
const std::string& baseTempInstallDirectory,
const mode_t* default_dir_mode, const std::string& component,
bool componentInstall, const std::string& installSubDirectory,
const std::string& buildConfig, std::string& absoluteDestFiles);
* The various level of support of
* CPACK_SET_DESTDIR used by the generator.
enum CPackSetDestdirSupport
/* the generator works with or without it */
/* the generator works best if automatically handled */
/* no official support, use at your own risk */
/* officially NOT supported */
* Does the CPack generator support CPACK_SET_DESTDIR?
* The default legacy value is 'SETDESTDIR_SUPPORTED' generator
* have to override it in order change this.
* @return CPackSetDestdirSupport
virtual enum CPackSetDestdirSupport SupportsSetDestdir() const;
* Does the CPack generator support absolute path
* The default legacy value is 'true' generator
* have to override it in order change this.
* @return true if supported false otherwise
virtual bool SupportsAbsoluteDestination() const;
* Does the CPack generator support component installation?.
* Some Generators requires the user to set
* CPACK_<GENNAME>_COMPONENT_INSTALL in order to make this
* method return true.
* @return true if supported, false otherwise
virtual bool SupportsComponentInstallation() const;
* Does the currently running generator want a component installation.
* The generator may support component installation but he may
* be requiring monolithic install using CPACK_MONOLITHIC_INSTALL.
* @return true if component installation is supported and wanted.
virtual bool WantsComponentInstallation() const;
virtual cmCPackInstallationType* GetInstallationType(
const std::string& projectName, const std::string& name);
virtual cmCPackComponent* GetComponent(const std::string& projectName,
const std::string& name);
virtual cmCPackComponentGroup* GetComponentGroup(
const std::string& projectName, const std::string& name);
cmSystemTools::OutputOption GeneratorVerbose;
std::string Name;
std::string InstallPath;
* The list of package file names.
* At beginning of DoPackage the (generic) generator will populate
* the list of desired package file names then it will
* call the redefined method PackageFiles which is may
* either use this set of names (usually on entry there should be
* only a single name) or update the vector with the list
* of created package file names.
std::vector<std::string> packageFileNames;
* The directory where all the files to be packaged reside.
* If the installer support components there will be one
* sub-directory for each component. In those directories
* one will find the file belonging to the specified component.
std::string toplevel;
* The complete list of files to be packaged.
* This list will be populated by DoPackage before
* PackageFiles is called.
std::vector<std::string> files;
std::vector<cmCPackInstallCMakeProject> CMakeProjects;
std::map<std::string, cmCPackInstallationType> InstallationTypes;
* The set of components.
* If component installation is supported then this map
* contains the component specified in CPACK_COMPONENTS_ALL
std::map<std::string, cmCPackComponent> Components;
std::map<std::string, cmCPackComponentGroup> ComponentGroups;
* If components are enabled, this enum represents the different
* ways of mapping components to package files.
enum ComponentPackageMethod
/* one package for all components */
/* one package for each component */
/* one package for each group,
* with left over components in their own package */
* The component package method
* The default is ONE_PACKAGE_PER_GROUP,
* and generators may override the default
* before PrepareGroupingKind() is called.
ComponentPackageMethod componentPackageMethod;
cmCPackLog* Logger;
bool Trace;
bool TraceExpand;
cmMakefile* MakefileMap;
#define cmCPackTypeMacro(klass, superclass) \
typedef superclass Superclass; \
const char* GetNameOfClass() override { return #klass; } \
static cmCPackGenerator* CreateGenerator() { return new klass; } \
class cmCPackTypeMacro_UseTrailingSemicolon
#define cmCPackLogger(logType, msg) \
do { \
std::ostringstream cmCPackLog_msg; \
cmCPackLog_msg << msg; \
this->Logger->Log(logType, __FILE__, __LINE__, \
cmCPackLog_msg.str().c_str()); \
} while (false)