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Command ``some_cmd()`` explicit cmake domain.
Command ``some_cmd()`` without target.
Command ``some_cmd`` with target.
Command ``some_cmd_<cmd>()`` placeholder without target.
Command ``some_cmd_<cmd>`` placholder with target.
Command ``some_cmd()`` with parens.
Command ``some_cmd(SUB)`` with subcommand.
Command ``some_cmd(SUB)`` with subcommand and target.
Command ``some_cmd (SUB)`` with space and subcommand and target.
Command ``some command`` with space and target.
Variable ``some variable`` space and target.
Variable ``<PLACEHOLDER>_VARIABLE`` with leading placeholder.
Variable ``VARIABLE_<PLACEHOLDER>`` with trailing placeholder.
Variable ``<PLACEHOLDER>_VARIABLE`` with leading placeholder and target.
Variable ``VARIABLE_<PLACEHOLDER>`` with trailing placeholder and target.
Environment variable ``SOME_ENV_VAR``.
Environment variable ``some env var`` with space and target.
Generator ``Some Generator`` with space.
Generator ``Some Generator`` with space.
Inline literal ``~!@#$%^&*( )_+-=\\[]{}'":;,<>.?/``.
Inline link Link Text.
Inline link Link Text <With \-escaped Brackets>.
Inline literal ``__`` followed by inline link Link Text.
First TOC entry.
|not replaced|
Second TOC entry.
CMake Module Content
More CMake Module Content
Bracket Comment Content
Bracket Comment Content
.. cmake:command:: some_cmd
Command some_cmd description.
.. command:: other_cmd
Command other_cmd description.
.. cmake:variable:: some_var
Variable some_var description.
.. variable:: other_var
Variable other_var description.
Parsed-literal included without directive.
Common Indentation Removed
# replaced in parsed literal
# Sample CMake code block
# |not replaced in literal|
A literal block starts after a line consisting of two colons
Literal block.
Common Indentation Removed
# |not replaced in literal|
or after a paragraph ending in two colons::
Literal block.
Common Indentation Removed
# |not replaced in literal|
but not after a line ending in two colons::
in the middle of a paragraph.
A literal block can be empty::
.. productionlist::
grammar: `production`
production: "content rendered"
.. note::
Notes are called out.
substituted text with multiple lines becomes one line
End of first include.
Cross-include substitution text with ``some_cmd()`` reference.
End of second include.