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/* Distributed under the OSI-approved BSD 3-Clause License. See accompanying
file Copyright.txt or for details. */
#ifndef @KWSYS_NAMESPACE@_String_hxx
#define @KWSYS_NAMESPACE@_String_hxx
#include <string>
namespace @KWSYS_NAMESPACE@ {
/** \class String
* \brief Short-name version of the STL basic_string class template.
* The standard library "string" type is actually a typedef for
* "basic_string<..long argument list..>". This string class is
* simply a subclass of this type with the same interface so that the
* name is shorter in debugging symbols and error messages.
class String : public std::string
/** The original string type. */
typedef std::string stl_string;
/** String member types. */
typedef stl_string::value_type value_type;
typedef stl_string::pointer pointer;
typedef stl_string::reference reference;
typedef stl_string::const_reference const_reference;
typedef stl_string::size_type size_type;
typedef stl_string::difference_type difference_type;
typedef stl_string::iterator iterator;
typedef stl_string::const_iterator const_iterator;
typedef stl_string::reverse_iterator reverse_iterator;
typedef stl_string::const_reverse_iterator const_reverse_iterator;
/** String constructors. */
: stl_string()
String(const value_type* s)
: stl_string(s)
String(const value_type* s, size_type n)
: stl_string(s, n)
String(const stl_string& s, size_type pos = 0, size_type n = npos)
: stl_string(s, pos, n)
}; // End Class: String
#if defined(__WATCOMC__)
inline bool operator<(String const& l, String const& r)
return (static_cast<std::string const&>(l) <
static_cast<std::string const&>(r));
} // namespace @KWSYS_NAMESPACE@