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398a2bddf3 Help: Add release note for GoogleTest module DISCOVERY_MODE feature
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+* The :module:`GoogleTest` module :command:`gtest_discover_tests` command
+  gained a new ``DISCOVERY_MODE`` option to control when the test
+  discovery step is run.  It offers a new ``PRE_TEST`` setting to
+  run the discovery at test time instead of build time.
diff --git a/Help/release/dev/GoogleTest-XML_OUTPUT_DIR.rst b/Help/release/dev/GoogleTest-XML_OUTPUT_DIR.rst
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-* The :module:`GoogleTest` module ``gtest_discover_test`` command
+* The :module:`GoogleTest` module :command:`gtest_discover_tests` command
   gained a new optional parameter ``XML_OUTPUT_DIR``. When set the JUnit XML
   test results are stored in that directory.