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Select the MSVC runtime library for use by compilers targeting the MSVC ABI.
The allowed values are:
Use :manual:`generator expressions <cmake-generator-expressions(7)>` to
support per-configuration specification. For example, the code:
.. code-block:: cmake
add_executable(foo foo.c)
set_property(TARGET foo PROPERTY
MSVC_RUNTIME_LIBRARY "MultiThreaded$<$<CONFIG:Debug>:Debug>")
selects for the target ``foo`` a multi-threaded statically-linked runtime
library with or without debug information depending on the configuration.
If this property is not set then CMake uses the default value
``MultiThreaded$<$<CONFIG:Debug>:Debug>DLL`` to select a MSVC runtime library.
.. note::
This property has effect only when policy :policy:`CMP0091` is set to ``NEW``
prior to the first :command:`project` or :command:`enable_language` command
that enables a language using a compiler targeting the MSVC ABI.