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Whether this target on macOS or iOS is located at runtime using rpaths.
When this property is set to ``TRUE``, the directory portion of
the ``install_name`` field of this shared library will be ``@rpath``
unless overridden by :prop_tgt:`INSTALL_NAME_DIR`. This indicates
the shared library is to be found at runtime using runtime
paths (rpaths).
This property is initialized by the value of the variable
:variable:`CMAKE_MACOSX_RPATH` if it is set when a target is
Runtime paths will also be embedded in binaries using this target and
can be controlled by the :prop_tgt:`INSTALL_RPATH` target property on
the target linking to this target.
Policy :policy:`CMP0042` was introduced to change the default value of
``MACOSX_RPATH`` to ``TRUE``. This is because use of ``@rpath`` is a
more flexible and powerful alternative to ``@executable_path`` and