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Specify a custom ``Info.plist`` template for a macOS and iOS Framework.
A library target with :prop_tgt:`FRAMEWORK` enabled will be built as a
framework on macOS. By default its ``Info.plist`` file is created by
configuring a template called ```` located in the
:variable:`CMAKE_MODULE_PATH`. This property specifies an alternative template
file name which may be a full path.
The following target properties may be set to specify content to be
configured into the file:
Sets ``CFBundleVersion``.
Sets ``CFBundleIconFile``.
Sets ``CFBundleIdentifier``.
Sets ``CFBundleShortVersionString``.
CMake variables of the same name may be set to affect all targets in a
directory that do not have each specific property set. If a custom
``Info.plist`` is specified by this property it may of course hard-code
all the settings instead of using the target properties.