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List of options to use for the link step of shared library, module
and executable targets. Targets that are static libraries need to use
the :prop_tgt:`STATIC_LIBRARY_OPTIONS` target property.
This property holds a :ref:`semicolon-separated list <CMake Language Lists>` of options
specified so far for its target. Use the :command:`target_link_options`
command to append more options.
This property is initialized by the :prop_dir:`LINK_OPTIONS` directory
property when a target is created, and is used by the generators to set
the options for the compiler.
Contents of ``LINK_OPTIONS`` may use "generator expressions" with the
syntax ``$<...>``. See the :manual:`cmake-generator-expressions(7)` manual
for available expressions. See the :manual:`cmake-buildsystem(7)` manual
for more on defining buildsystem properties.
.. note::
This property must be used in preference to :prop_tgt:`LINK_FLAGS` property.