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List of public system include directories for a library.
Targets may populate this property to publish the include directories
which contain system headers, and therefore should not result in
compiler warnings. The :command:`target_include_directories(SYSTEM)`
command signature populates this property with values given to the
``PUBLIC`` and ``INTERFACE`` keywords.
Projects may also get and set the property directly, but must be aware that
adding directories to this property does not make those directories used
during compilation. Adding directories to this property marks directories
as ``SYSTEM`` which otherwise would be used in a non-``SYSTEM`` manner. This
can appear similar to 'duplication', so prefer the
high-level :command:`target_include_directories(SYSTEM)` command and avoid
setting the property by low-level means.
When target dependencies are specified using :command:`target_link_libraries`,
CMake will read this property from all target dependencies to mark the
same include directories as containing system headers.
Contents of ``INTERFACE_SYSTEM_INCLUDE_DIRECTORIES`` may use "generator
expressions" with the syntax ``$<...>``. See the
:manual:`cmake-generator-expressions(7)` manual for available expressions.
See the :manual:`cmake-buildsystem(7)` manual for more on defining
buildsystem properties.