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Number of parallel ``moc`` or ``uic`` processes to start when using
:prop_tgt:`AUTOMOC` and :prop_tgt:`AUTOUIC`.
The custom `<origin>_autogen` target starts a number of threads of which
each one parses a source file and on demand starts a ``moc`` or ``uic``
process. :prop_tgt:`AUTOGEN_PARALLEL` controls how many parallel threads
(and therefore ``moc`` or ``uic`` processes) are started.
- An empty (or unset) value or the string ``AUTO`` sets the number of
threads/processes to the number of physical CPUs on the host system.
- A positive non zero integer value sets the exact thread/process count.
- Otherwise a single thread/process is started.
By default :prop_tgt:`AUTOGEN_PARALLEL` is initialized from
See the :manual:`cmake-qt(7)` manual for more information on using CMake
with Qt.