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// RUN: %clang_cc1 -Wstrict-selector-match -fsyntax-only -verify %s
@interface Foo
-(int) method; // expected-note {{using}}
@interface Bar
-(float) method; // expected-note {{also found}}
int main() { [(id)0 method]; } // expected-warning {{multiple methods named 'method' found [-Wstrict-selector-match]}}
@interface Object @end
@interface Class1
- (void)setWindow:(Object *)wdw; // expected-note {{using}}
@interface Class2
- (void)setWindow:(Class1 *)window; // expected-note {{also found}}
id foo(void) {
Object *obj = 0;
id obj2 = obj;
[obj setWindow:0]; // expected-warning {{Object' may not respond to 'setWindow:'}}
[obj2 setWindow:0]; // expected-warning {{multiple methods named 'setWindow:' found [-Wstrict-selector-match]}}
return obj;
@protocol MyObject
- (id)initWithData:(Object *)data; // expected-note {{using}} \
// expected-note {{passing argument to parameter 'data' here}}
@protocol SomeOther
- (id)initWithData:(int)data; // expected-note {{also found}}
@protocol MyCoding
- (id)initWithData:(id<MyObject, MyCoding>)data; // expected-note {{also found}}
@interface NTGridDataObject: Object <MyCoding>
Object<MyCoding> *_data;
+ (NTGridDataObject*)dataObject:(id<MyObject, MyCoding>)data;
@implementation NTGridDataObject
- (id)initWithData:(id<MyObject, MyCoding>)data {
return data;
+ (NTGridDataObject*)dataObject:(id<MyObject, MyCoding>)data
NTGridDataObject *result = [(id)0 initWithData:data]; // expected-warning {{multiple methods named 'initWithData:' found [-Wstrict-selector-match]}} \
expected-warning {{sending 'id<MyObject,MyCoding>' to parameter of incompatible type 'Object *'}}
return result;
@interface Base
- (unsigned)port;
@interface Derived: Base
- (Object *)port;
+ (Protocol *)port;
void foo1(void) {
[(Class)0 port]; // OK - gcc issues warning but there is only one Class method so no ambiguity to warn