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// RUN: %clang_cc1 -triple x86_64-apple-darwin9 -fsyntax-only -fdouble-square-bracket-attributes -verify %s
void f0() [[clang::availability(macosx,introduced=10.4,deprecated=10.2)]]; // expected-warning{{feature cannot be deprecated in macOS version 10.2 before it was introduced in version 10.4; attribute ignored}}
void f1() [[clang::availability(ios,obsoleted=2.1,deprecated=3.0)]]; // expected-warning{{feature cannot be obsoleted in iOS version 2.1 before it was deprecated in version 3.0; attribute ignored}}
void f2() [[clang::availability(ios,introduced=2.1,deprecated=2.1)]];
extern void
ATSFontGetName(const char *oName) [[clang::availability(macosx,introduced=8.0,deprecated=9.0, message="use CTFontCopyFullName")]]; // expected-note {{'ATSFontGetName' has been explicitly marked deprecated here}}
void test_10095131() {
ATSFontGetName("Hello"); // expected-warning {{'ATSFontGetName' is deprecated: first deprecated in macOS 9.0 - use CTFontCopyFullName}}
[[clang::availability(macos, unavailable)]]
NSDataWritingFileProtectionWriteOnly = 0x30000000,
NSDataWritingFileProtectionCompleteUntilUserAuthentication = 0x40000000,
extern int x [[clang::availability(macosx,introduced=10.5)]];
extern int x;
int i [[clang::availability(this, should = 1.0)]]; // expected-error {{'should' is not an availability stage; use 'introduced', 'deprecated', or 'obsoleted'}} \
// expected-warning {{unknown platform 'this' in availability macro}}