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//===--- - ARM FP16 compiler interface ------------------------===//
// Part of the LLVM Project, under the Apache License v2.0 with LLVM Exceptions.
// See for license information.
// SPDX-License-Identifier: Apache-2.0 WITH LLVM-exception
// This file defines the TableGen definitions from which the ARM FP16 header
// file will be generated.
include ""
// ARMv8.2-A FP16 intrinsics.
let ArchGuard = "defined(__ARM_FEATURE_FP16_SCALAR_ARITHMETIC) && defined(__aarch64__)" in {
// Negate
def VNEGSH : SInst<"vneg", "ss", "Sh">;
// Reciprocal/Sqrt
def SCALAR_FRECPSH : IInst<"vrecps", "sss", "Sh">;
def FSQRTSH : SInst<"vsqrt", "ss", "Sh">;
def SCALAR_FRSQRTSH : IInst<"vrsqrts", "sss", "Sh">;
// Reciprocal Estimate
def SCALAR_FRECPEH : IInst<"vrecpe", "ss", "Sh">;
// Reciprocal Exponent
def SCALAR_FRECPXH : IInst<"vrecpx", "ss", "Sh">;
// Reciprocal Square Root Estimate
def SCALAR_FRSQRTEH : IInst<"vrsqrte", "ss", "Sh">;
// Rounding
def FRINTZ_S64H : SInst<"vrnd", "ss", "Sh">;
def FRINTA_S64H : SInst<"vrnda", "ss", "Sh">;
def FRINTI_S64H : SInst<"vrndi", "ss", "Sh">;
def FRINTM_S64H : SInst<"vrndm", "ss", "Sh">;
def FRINTN_S64H : SInst<"vrndn", "ss", "Sh">;
def FRINTP_S64H : SInst<"vrndp", "ss", "Sh">;
def FRINTX_S64H : SInst<"vrndx", "ss", "Sh">;
// Conversion
def SCALAR_SCVTFSH : SInst<"vcvth_f16", "Ys", "silUsUiUl">;
def SCALAR_FCVTZSH : SInst<"vcvt_s16", "$s", "Sh">;
def SCALAR_FCVTZSH1 : SInst<"vcvt_s32", "Is", "Sh">;
def SCALAR_FCVTZSH2 : SInst<"vcvt_s64", "Ls", "Sh">;
def SCALAR_FCVTZUH : SInst<"vcvt_u16", "bs", "Sh">;
def SCALAR_FCVTZUH1 : SInst<"vcvt_u32", "Us", "Sh">;
def SCALAR_FCVTZUH2 : SInst<"vcvt_u64", "Os", "Sh">;
def SCALAR_FCVTASH : SInst<"vcvta_s16", "$s", "Sh">;
def SCALAR_FCVTASH1 : SInst<"vcvta_s32", "Is", "Sh">;
def SCALAR_FCVTASH2 : SInst<"vcvta_s64", "Ls", "Sh">;
def SCALAR_FCVTAUH : SInst<"vcvta_u16", "bs", "Sh">;
def SCALAR_FCVTAUH1 : SInst<"vcvta_u32", "Us", "Sh">;
def SCALAR_FCVTAUH2 : SInst<"vcvta_u64", "Os", "Sh">;
def SCALAR_FCVTMSH : SInst<"vcvtm_s16", "$s", "Sh">;
def SCALAR_FCVTMSH1 : SInst<"vcvtm_s32", "Is", "Sh">;
def SCALAR_FCVTMSH2 : SInst<"vcvtm_s64", "Ls", "Sh">;
def SCALAR_FCVTMUH : SInst<"vcvtm_u16", "bs", "Sh">;
def SCALAR_FCVTMUH1 : SInst<"vcvtm_u32", "Us", "Sh">;
def SCALAR_FCVTMUH2 : SInst<"vcvtm_u64", "Os", "Sh">;
def SCALAR_FCVTNSH : SInst<"vcvtn_s16", "$s", "Sh">;
def SCALAR_FCVTNSH1 : SInst<"vcvtn_s32", "Is", "Sh">;
def SCALAR_FCVTNSH2 : SInst<"vcvtn_s64", "Ls", "Sh">;
def SCALAR_FCVTNUH : SInst<"vcvtn_u16", "bs", "Sh">;
def SCALAR_FCVTNUH1 : SInst<"vcvtn_u32", "Us", "Sh">;
def SCALAR_FCVTNUH2 : SInst<"vcvtn_u64", "Os", "Sh">;
def SCALAR_FCVTPSH : SInst<"vcvtp_s16", "$s", "Sh">;
def SCALAR_FCVTPSH1 : SInst<"vcvtp_s32", "Is", "Sh">;
def SCALAR_FCVTPSH2 : SInst<"vcvtp_s64", "Ls", "Sh">;
def SCALAR_FCVTPUH : SInst<"vcvtp_u16", "bs", "Sh">;
def SCALAR_FCVTPUH1 : SInst<"vcvtp_u32", "Us", "Sh">;
def SCALAR_FCVTPUH2 : SInst<"vcvtp_u64", "Os", "Sh">;
let isVCVT_N = 1 in {
def SCALAR_SCVTFSHO : SInst<"vcvth_n_f16", "Ysi", "silUsUiUl">;
def SCALAR_FCVTZSHO : SInst<"vcvt_n_s16", "$si", "Sh">;
def SCALAR_FCVTZSH1O: SInst<"vcvt_n_s32", "Isi", "Sh">;
def SCALAR_FCVTZSH2O: SInst<"vcvt_n_s64", "Lsi", "Sh">;
def SCALAR_FCVTZUHO : SInst<"vcvt_n_u16", "bsi", "Sh">;
def SCALAR_FCVTZUH1O: SInst<"vcvt_n_u32", "Usi", "Sh">;
def SCALAR_FCVTZUH2O: SInst<"vcvt_n_u64", "Osi", "Sh">;
// Comparison
def SCALAR_CMEQRH : SInst<"vceq", "bss", "Sh">;
def SCALAR_CMEQZH : SInst<"vceqz", "bs", "Sh">;
def SCALAR_CMGERH : SInst<"vcge", "bss", "Sh">;
def SCALAR_CMGEZH : SInst<"vcgez", "bs", "Sh">;
def SCALAR_CMGTRH : SInst<"vcgt", "bss", "Sh">;
def SCALAR_CMGTZH : SInst<"vcgtz", "bs", "Sh">;
def SCALAR_CMLERH : SInst<"vcle", "bss", "Sh">;
def SCALAR_CMLEZH : SInst<"vclez", "bs", "Sh">;
def SCALAR_CMLTH : SInst<"vclt", "bss", "Sh">;
def SCALAR_CMLTZH : SInst<"vcltz", "bs", "Sh">;
// Absolute Compare Mask Greater Than Or Equal
def SCALAR_FACGEH : IInst<"vcage", "bss", "Sh">;
def SCALAR_FACLEH : IInst<"vcale", "bss", "Sh">;
// Absolute Compare Mask Greater Than
def SCALAR_FACGT : IInst<"vcagt", "bss", "Sh">;
def SCALAR_FACLT : IInst<"vcalt", "bss", "Sh">;
// Scalar Absolute Value
def SCALAR_ABSH : SInst<"vabs", "ss", "Sh">;
// Scalar Absolute Difference
def SCALAR_ABDH: IInst<"vabd", "sss", "Sh">;
// Add/Sub
def VADDSH : SInst<"vadd", "sss", "Sh">;
def VSUBHS : SInst<"vsub", "sss", "Sh">;
// Max/Min
def VMAXHS : SInst<"vmax", "sss", "Sh">;
def VMINHS : SInst<"vmin", "sss", "Sh">;
def FMAXNMHS : SInst<"vmaxnm", "sss", "Sh">;
def FMINNMHS : SInst<"vminnm", "sss", "Sh">;
// Multiplication/Division
def VMULHS : SInst<"vmul", "sss", "Sh">;
def MULXHS : SInst<"vmulx", "sss", "Sh">;
def FDIVHS : SInst<"vdiv", "sss", "Sh">;
// Vector fused multiply-add operations
def VFMAHS : SInst<"vfma", "ssss", "Sh">;
def VFMSHS : SInst<"vfms", "ssss", "Sh">;