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//===- LangOptions.h - C Language Family Language Options -------*- C++ -*-===//
// Part of the LLVM Project, under the Apache License v2.0 with LLVM Exceptions.
// See for license information.
// SPDX-License-Identifier: Apache-2.0 WITH LLVM-exception
/// \file
/// Defines the clang::LangOptions interface.
#include "clang/Basic/CommentOptions.h"
#include "clang/Basic/LLVM.h"
#include "clang/Basic/ObjCRuntime.h"
#include "clang/Basic/Sanitizers.h"
#include "clang/Basic/Visibility.h"
#include "llvm/ADT/StringRef.h"
#include "llvm/ADT/Triple.h"
#include <string>
#include <vector>
namespace clang {
/// Bitfields of LangOptions, split out from LangOptions in order to ensure that
/// this large collection of bitfields is a trivial class type.
class LangOptionsBase {
// Define simple language options (with no accessors).
#define LANGOPT(Name, Bits, Default, Description) unsigned Name : Bits;
#define ENUM_LANGOPT(Name, Type, Bits, Default, Description)
#include "clang/Basic/LangOptions.def"
// Define language options of enumeration type. These are private, and will
// have accessors (below).
#define LANGOPT(Name, Bits, Default, Description)
#define ENUM_LANGOPT(Name, Type, Bits, Default, Description) \
unsigned Name : Bits;
#include "clang/Basic/LangOptions.def"
/// Keeps track of the various options that can be
/// enabled, which controls the dialect of C or C++ that is accepted.
class LangOptions : public LangOptionsBase {
using Visibility = clang::Visibility;
enum GCMode { NonGC, GCOnly, HybridGC };
enum StackProtectorMode { SSPOff, SSPOn, SSPStrong, SSPReq };
// Automatic variables live on the stack, and when trivial they're usually
// uninitialized because it's undefined behavior to use them without
// initializing them.
enum class TrivialAutoVarInitKind { Uninitialized, Zero, Pattern };
enum SignedOverflowBehaviorTy {
// Default C standard behavior.
// -fwrapv
// -ftrapv
// FIXME: Unify with TUKind.
enum CompilingModuleKind {
/// Not compiling a module interface at all.
/// Compiling a module from a module map.
/// Compiling a module from a list of header files.
/// Compiling a C++ modules TS module interface unit.
enum PragmaMSPointersToMembersKind {
enum DefaultCallingConvention {
enum AddrSpaceMapMangling { ASMM_Target, ASMM_On, ASMM_Off };
// Corresponds to _MSC_VER
enum MSVCMajorVersion {
MSVC2010 = 1600,
MSVC2012 = 1700,
MSVC2013 = 1800,
MSVC2015 = 1900,
MSVC2017 = 1910,
MSVC2017_5 = 1912,
MSVC2017_7 = 1914,
/// Clang versions with different platform ABI conformance.
enum class ClangABI {
/// Attempt to be ABI-compatible with code generated by Clang 3.8.x
/// (SVN r257626). This causes <1 x long long> to be passed in an
/// integer register instead of an SSE register on x64_64.
/// Attempt to be ABI-compatible with code generated by Clang 4.0.x
/// (SVN r291814). This causes move operations to be ignored when
/// determining whether a class type can be passed or returned directly.
/// Attempt to be ABI-compatible with code generated by Clang 6.0.x
/// (SVN r321711). This causes determination of whether a type is
/// standard-layout to ignore collisions between empty base classes
/// and between base classes and member subobjects, which affects
/// whether we reuse base class tail padding in some ABIs.
/// Attempt to be ABI-compatible with code generated by Clang 7.0.x
/// (SVN r338536). This causes alignof (C++) and _Alignof (C11) to be
/// compatible with __alignof (i.e., return the preferred alignment)
/// rather than returning the required alignment.
/// Attempt to be ABI-compatible with code generated by Clang 9.0.x
/// (SVN r351319). This causes vectors of __int128 to be passed in memory
/// instead of passing in multiple scalar registers on x86_64 on Linux and
/// NetBSD.
/// Conform to the underlying platform's C and C++ ABIs as closely
/// as we can.
enum class CoreFoundationABI {
/// No interoperability ABI has been specified
/// CoreFoundation does not have any language interoperability
/// Interoperability with the ObjectiveC runtime
/// Interoperability with the latest known version of the Swift runtime
/// Interoperability with the Swift 5.0 runtime
/// Interoperability with the Swift 4.2 runtime
/// Interoperability with the Swift 4.1 runtime
enum FPContractModeKind {
// Form fused FP ops only where result will not be affected.
// Form fused FP ops according to FP_CONTRACT rules.
// Aggressively fuse FP ops (E.g. FMA).
// TODO: merge FEnvAccessModeKind and FPContractModeKind
enum FEnvAccessModeKind {
enum class LaxVectorConversionKind {
/// Permit no implicit vector bitcasts.
/// Permit vector bitcasts between integer vectors with different numbers
/// of elements but the same total bit-width.
/// Permit vector bitcasts between all vectors with the same total
/// bit-width.
/// Set of enabled sanitizers.
SanitizerSet Sanitize;
/// Paths to blacklist files specifying which objects
/// (files, functions, variables) should not be instrumented.
std::vector<std::string> SanitizerBlacklistFiles;
/// Paths to the XRay "always instrument" files specifying which
/// objects (files, functions, variables) should be imbued with the XRay
/// "always instrument" attribute.
/// WARNING: This is a deprecated field and will go away in the future.
std::vector<std::string> XRayAlwaysInstrumentFiles;
/// Paths to the XRay "never instrument" files specifying which
/// objects (files, functions, variables) should be imbued with the XRay
/// "never instrument" attribute.
/// WARNING: This is a deprecated field and will go away in the future.
std::vector<std::string> XRayNeverInstrumentFiles;
/// Paths to the XRay attribute list files, specifying which objects
/// (files, functions, variables) should be imbued with the appropriate XRay
/// attribute(s).
std::vector<std::string> XRayAttrListFiles;
clang::ObjCRuntime ObjCRuntime;
CoreFoundationABI CFRuntime = CoreFoundationABI::Unspecified;
std::string ObjCConstantStringClass;
/// The name of the handler function to be called when -ftrapv is
/// specified.
/// If none is specified, abort (GCC-compatible behaviour).
std::string OverflowHandler;
/// The module currently being compiled as specified by -fmodule-name.
std::string ModuleName;
/// The name of the current module, of which the main source file
/// is a part. If CompilingModule is set, we are compiling the interface
/// of this module, otherwise we are compiling an implementation file of
/// it. This starts as ModuleName in case -fmodule-name is provided and
/// changes during compilation to reflect the current module.
std::string CurrentModule;
/// The names of any features to enable in module 'requires' decls
/// in addition to the hard-coded list in Module.cpp and the target features.
/// This list is sorted.
std::vector<std::string> ModuleFeatures;
/// Options for parsing comments.
CommentOptions CommentOpts;
/// A list of all -fno-builtin-* function names (e.g., memset).
std::vector<std::string> NoBuiltinFuncs;
/// Triples of the OpenMP targets that the host code codegen should
/// take into account in order to generate accurate offloading descriptors.
std::vector<llvm::Triple> OMPTargetTriples;
/// Name of the IR file that contains the result of the OpenMP target
/// host code generation.
std::string OMPHostIRFile;
/// Indicates whether the front-end is explicitly told that the
/// input is a header file (i.e. -x c-header).
bool IsHeaderFile = false;
// Define accessors/mutators for language options of enumeration type.
#define LANGOPT(Name, Bits, Default, Description)
#define ENUM_LANGOPT(Name, Type, Bits, Default, Description) \
Type get##Name() const { return static_cast<Type>(Name); } \
void set##Name(Type Value) { Name = static_cast<unsigned>(Value); }
#include "clang/Basic/LangOptions.def"
/// Are we compiling a module interface (.cppm or module map)?
bool isCompilingModule() const {
return getCompilingModule() != CMK_None;
/// Do we need to track the owning module for a local declaration?
bool trackLocalOwningModule() const {
return isCompilingModule() || ModulesLocalVisibility;
bool isSignedOverflowDefined() const {
return getSignedOverflowBehavior() == SOB_Defined;
bool isSubscriptPointerArithmetic() const {
return ObjCRuntime.isSubscriptPointerArithmetic() &&
bool isCompatibleWithMSVC(MSVCMajorVersion MajorVersion) const {
return MSCompatibilityVersion >= MajorVersion * 100000U;
/// Reset all of the options that are not considered when building a
/// module.
void resetNonModularOptions();
/// Is this a libc/libm function that is no longer recognized as a
/// builtin because a -fno-builtin-* option has been specified?
bool isNoBuiltinFunc(StringRef Name) const;
/// True if any ObjC types may have non-trivial lifetime qualifiers.
bool allowsNonTrivialObjCLifetimeQualifiers() const {
return ObjCAutoRefCount || ObjCWeak;
bool assumeFunctionsAreConvergent() const {
return (CUDA && CUDAIsDevice) || OpenCL;
/// Return the OpenCL C or C++ version as a VersionTuple.
VersionTuple getOpenCLVersionTuple() const;
/// Floating point control options
class FPOptions {
FPOptions() : fp_contract(LangOptions::FPC_Off),
fenv_access(LangOptions::FEA_Off) {}
// Used for serializing.
explicit FPOptions(unsigned I)
: fp_contract(static_cast<LangOptions::FPContractModeKind>(I & 3)),
fenv_access(static_cast<LangOptions::FEnvAccessModeKind>((I >> 2) & 1))
explicit FPOptions(const LangOptions &LangOpts)
: fp_contract(LangOpts.getDefaultFPContractMode()),
fenv_access(LangOptions::FEA_Off) {}
// FIXME: Use getDefaultFEnvAccessMode() when available.
bool allowFPContractWithinStatement() const {
return fp_contract == LangOptions::FPC_On;
bool allowFPContractAcrossStatement() const {
return fp_contract == LangOptions::FPC_Fast;
void setAllowFPContractWithinStatement() {
fp_contract = LangOptions::FPC_On;
void setAllowFPContractAcrossStatement() {
fp_contract = LangOptions::FPC_Fast;
void setDisallowFPContract() { fp_contract = LangOptions::FPC_Off; }
bool allowFEnvAccess() const {
return fenv_access == LangOptions::FEA_On;
void setAllowFEnvAccess() {
fenv_access = LangOptions::FEA_On;
void setDisallowFEnvAccess() { fenv_access = LangOptions::FEA_Off; }
/// Used to serialize this.
unsigned getInt() const { return fp_contract | (fenv_access << 2); }
/// Adjust BinaryOperator::FPFeatures to match the total bit-field size
/// of these two.
unsigned fp_contract : 2;
unsigned fenv_access : 1;
/// Describes the kind of translation unit being processed.
enum TranslationUnitKind {
/// The translation unit is a complete translation unit.
/// The translation unit is a prefix to a translation unit, and is
/// not complete.
/// The translation unit is a module.
} // namespace clang