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//==--- - frontend diagnostics -----------------===//
// Part of the LLVM Project, under the Apache License v2.0 with LLVM Exceptions.
// See for license information.
// SPDX-License-Identifier: Apache-2.0 WITH LLVM-exception
class BackendInfo : CatBackend, ShowInSystemHeader;
let Component = "Frontend" in {
def err_fe_error_opening : Error<"error opening '%0': %1">;
def err_fe_error_reading : Error<"error reading '%0'">;
def err_fe_error_reading_stdin : Error<"error reading stdin: %0">;
def err_fe_error_backend : Error<"error in backend: %0">, DefaultFatal;
def err_fe_inline_asm : Error<"%0">, CatInlineAsm;
def warn_fe_inline_asm : Warning<"%0">, CatInlineAsm, InGroup<BackendInlineAsm>;
def note_fe_inline_asm : Note<"%0">, CatInlineAsm;
def note_fe_inline_asm_here : Note<"instantiated into assembly here">;
def err_fe_cannot_link_module : Error<"cannot link module '%0': %1">,
def warn_fe_frame_larger_than : Warning<"stack frame size of %0 bytes in %q1">,
BackendInfo, InGroup<BackendFrameLargerThanEQ>;
def warn_fe_backend_frame_larger_than: Warning<"%0">,
BackendInfo, InGroup<BackendFrameLargerThanEQ>;
def err_fe_backend_frame_larger_than: Error<"%0">, BackendInfo;
def note_fe_backend_frame_larger_than: Note<"%0">, BackendInfo;
def warn_fe_backend_plugin: Warning<"%0">, BackendInfo, InGroup<BackendPlugin>;
def err_fe_backend_plugin: Error<"%0">, BackendInfo;
def remark_fe_backend_plugin: Remark<"%0">, BackendInfo, InGroup<RemarkBackendPlugin>;
def note_fe_backend_plugin: Note<"%0">, BackendInfo;
def warn_fe_override_module : Warning<
"overriding the module target triple with %0">,
def remark_fe_backend_optimization_remark : Remark<"%0">, BackendInfo,
def remark_fe_backend_optimization_remark_missed : Remark<"%0">, BackendInfo,
def remark_fe_backend_optimization_remark_analysis : Remark<"%0">, BackendInfo,
def remark_fe_backend_optimization_remark_analysis_fpcommute : Remark<"%0; "
"allow reordering by specifying '#pragma clang loop vectorize(enable)' "
"before the loop or by providing the compiler option '-ffast-math'.">,
BackendInfo, InGroup<BackendOptimizationRemarkAnalysis>;
def remark_fe_backend_optimization_remark_analysis_aliasing : Remark<"%0; "
"allow reordering by specifying '#pragma clang loop vectorize(enable)' "
"before the loop. If the arrays will always be independent specify "
"'#pragma clang loop vectorize(assume_safety)' before the loop or provide "
"the '__restrict__' qualifier with the independent array arguments. "
"Erroneous results will occur if these options are incorrectly applied!">,
BackendInfo, InGroup<BackendOptimizationRemarkAnalysis>;
def warn_fe_backend_optimization_failure : Warning<"%0">, BackendInfo,
InGroup<BackendOptimizationFailure>, DefaultWarn;
def note_fe_backend_invalid_loc : Note<"could "
"not determine the original source location for %0:%1:%2">, BackendInfo;
def err_fe_backend_unsupported : Error<"%0">, BackendInfo;
def err_fe_invalid_code_complete_file : Error<
"cannot locate code-completion file %0">, DefaultFatal;
def err_fe_dependency_file_requires_MT : Error<
"-dependency-file requires at least one -MT or -MQ option">;
def err_fe_invalid_plugin_name : Error<
"unable to find plugin '%0'">;
def err_fe_expected_compiler_job : Error<
"unable to handle compilation, expected exactly one compiler job in '%0'">;
def err_fe_expected_clang_command : Error<
"expected a clang compiler command">;
def err_fe_remap_missing_to_file : Error<
"could not remap file '%0' to the contents of file '%1'">, DefaultFatal;
def err_fe_remap_missing_from_file : Error<
"could not remap from missing file '%0'">, DefaultFatal;
def err_fe_unable_to_load_pch : Error<
"unable to load PCH file">;
def err_fe_unable_to_load_plugin : Error<
"unable to load plugin '%0': '%1'">;
def err_fe_unable_to_create_target : Error<
"unable to create target: '%0'">;
def err_fe_unable_to_interface_with_target : Error<
"unable to interface with target machine">;
def err_fe_unable_to_open_output : Error<
"unable to open output file '%0': '%1'">;
def warn_fe_macro_contains_embedded_newline : Warning<
"macro '%0' contains embedded newline; text after the newline is ignored">;
def warn_fe_cc_print_header_failure : Warning<
"unable to open CC_PRINT_HEADERS file: %0 (using stderr)">;
def warn_fe_cc_log_diagnostics_failure : Warning<
"unable to open CC_LOG_DIAGNOSTICS file: %0 (using stderr)">;
def warn_fe_unable_to_open_stats_file : Warning<
"unable to open statistics output file '%0': '%1'">,
def err_fe_no_pch_in_dir : Error<
"no suitable precompiled header file found in directory '%0'">;
def err_fe_action_not_available : Error<
"action %0 not compiled in">;
def err_fe_invalid_alignment : Error<
"invalid value '%1' in '%0'; alignment must be a power of 2">;
def err_fe_invalid_wchar_type
: Error<"invalid wchar_t type '%0'; must be one of 'char', 'short', 'int'">;
def err_fe_invalid_exception_model
: Error<"invalid exception model '%0' for target '%1'">;
def warn_fe_serialized_diag_merge_failure : Warning<
"unable to merge a subprocess's serialized diagnostics">,
def warn_fe_serialized_diag_failure : Warning<
"unable to open file %0 for serializing diagnostics (%1)">,
def err_verify_missing_line : Error<
"missing or invalid line number following '@' in expected %0">;
def err_verify_missing_file : Error<
"file '%0' could not be located in expected %1">;
def err_verify_invalid_range : Error<
"invalid range following '-' in expected %0">;
def err_verify_ambiguous_marker : Error<
"reference to marker '%0' is ambiguous">;
def note_verify_ambiguous_marker : Note<
"ambiguous marker '%0' is defined here">;
def err_verify_no_such_marker : Error<
"use of undefined marker '%0'">;
def err_verify_missing_start : Error<
"cannot find start ('{{') of expected %0">;
def err_verify_missing_end : Error<
"cannot find end ('}}') of expected %0">;
def err_verify_invalid_content : Error<
"invalid expected %0: %1">;
def err_verify_missing_regex : Error<
"cannot find start of regex ('{{') in %0">;
def err_verify_inconsistent_diags : Error<
"'%0' diagnostics %select{expected|seen}1 but not %select{seen|expected}1: "
def err_verify_invalid_no_diags : Error<
"%select{expected|'expected-no-diagnostics'}0 directive cannot follow "
"%select{'expected-no-diagnostics' directive|other expected directives}0">;
def err_verify_no_directives : Error<
"no expected directives found: consider use of 'expected-no-diagnostics'">;
def note_fixit_applied : Note<"FIX-IT applied suggested code changes">;
def note_fixit_in_macro : Note<
"FIX-IT unable to apply suggested code changes in a macro">;
def note_fixit_failed : Note<
"FIX-IT unable to apply suggested code changes">;
def note_fixit_unfixed_error : Note<"FIX-IT detected an error it cannot fix">;
def warn_fixit_no_changes : Note<
"FIX-IT detected errors it could not fix; no output will be generated">;
// PCH reader
def err_relocatable_without_isysroot : Error<
"must specify system root with -isysroot when building a relocatable "
"PCH file">;
def warn_unknown_diag_option : Warning<
"unknown %select{warning|remark}0 option '%1'%select{|; did you mean '%3'?}2">,
def warn_unknown_warning_specifier : Warning<
"unknown %0 warning specifier: '%1'">,
def warn_incompatible_analyzer_plugin_api : Warning<
"checker plugin '%0' is not compatible with this version of the analyzer">,
InGroup<DiagGroup<"analyzer-incompatible-plugin"> >;
def note_incompatible_analyzer_plugin_api : Note<
"current API version is '%0', but plugin was compiled with version '%1'">;
def err_module_build_requires_fmodules : Error<
"module compilation requires '-fmodules'">;
def err_module_interface_requires_cpp_modules : Error<
"module interface compilation requires '-std=c++2a' or '-fmodules-ts'">;
def err_header_module_requires_modules : Error<
"header module compilation requires '-fmodules', '-std=c++2a', or "
def warn_module_config_mismatch : Warning<
"module file %0 cannot be loaded due to a configuration mismatch with the current "
"compilation">, InGroup<DiagGroup<"module-file-config-mismatch">>, DefaultError;
def err_module_map_not_found : Error<"module map file '%0' not found">,
def err_missing_module_name : Error<
"no module name provided; specify one with -fmodule-name=">,
def err_missing_module : Error<
"no module named '%0' declared in module map file '%1'">, DefaultFatal;
def err_no_submodule : Error<"no submodule named %0 in module '%1'">;
def err_no_submodule_suggest : Error<
"no submodule named %0 in module '%1'; did you mean '%2'?">;
def warn_no_priv_submodule_use_toplevel : Warning<
"no submodule named %0 in module '%1'; using top level '%2'">,
def note_private_top_level_defined : Note<
"module defined here">;
def warn_missing_submodule : Warning<"missing submodule '%0'">,
def note_module_import_here : Note<"module imported here">;
def err_module_cannot_create_includes : Error<
"cannot create includes file for module %0: %1">;
def warn_module_config_macro_undef : Warning<
"%select{definition|#undef}0 of configuration macro '%1' has no effect on "
"the import of '%2'; pass '%select{-D%1=...|-U%1}0' on the command line "
"to configure the module">,
def note_module_def_undef_here : Note<
"macro was %select{defined|#undef'd}0 here">;
def remark_module_build : Remark<"building module '%0' as '%1'">,
def remark_module_build_done : Remark<"finished building module '%0'">,
def err_modules_embed_file_not_found :
Error<"file '%0' specified by '-fmodules-embed-file=' not found">,
def err_module_header_file_not_found :
Error<"module header file '%0' not found">, DefaultFatal;
def err_test_module_file_extension_version : Error<
"test module file extension '%0' has different version (%1.%2) than expected "
def err_missing_vfs_overlay_file : Error<
"virtual filesystem overlay file '%0' not found">, DefaultFatal;
def err_invalid_vfs_overlay : Error<
"invalid virtual filesystem overlay file '%0'">, DefaultFatal;
def warn_option_invalid_ocl_version : Warning<
"OpenCL version %0 does not support the option '%1'">, InGroup<Deprecated>;
def err_builtin_needs_feature : Error<"%0 needs target feature %1">;
def err_function_needs_feature : Error<
"always_inline function %1 requires target feature '%2', but would "
"be inlined into function %0 that is compiled without support for '%2'">;
def err_alias_to_undefined : Error<
"%select{alias|ifunc}0 must point to a defined "
"%select{variable or |}1function">;
def warn_alias_to_weak_alias : Warning<
"%select{alias|ifunc}2 will always resolve to %0 even if weak definition of "
"%1 is overridden">,
def err_duplicate_mangled_name : Error<
"definition with same mangled name '%0' as another definition">;
def err_cyclic_alias : Error<
"%select{alias|ifunc}0 definition is part of a cycle">;
def err_ifunc_resolver_return : Error<
"ifunc resolver function must return a pointer">;
def warn_atomic_op_misaligned : Warning<
"%select{large|misaligned}0 atomic operation may incur "
"significant performance penalty">, InGroup<DiagGroup<"atomic-alignment">>;
def warn_alias_with_section : Warning<
"%select{alias|ifunc}1 will not be in section '%0' but in the same section "
"as the %select{aliasee|resolver}2">,
let CategoryName = "Instrumentation Issue" in {
def warn_profile_data_out_of_date : Warning<
"profile data may be out of date: of %0 function%s0, %1 %plural{1:has|:have}1"
" mismatched data that will be ignored">,
def warn_profile_data_missing : Warning<
"profile data may be incomplete: of %0 function%s0, %1 %plural{1:has|:have}1"
" no data">,
def warn_profile_data_unprofiled : Warning<
"no profile data available for file \"%0\"">,
def warn_profile_data_misexpect : Warning<
"Potential performance regression from use of __builtin_expect(): "
"Annotation was correct on %0 of profiled executions.">,
} // end of instrumentation issue category