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//==--- - common diagnostics ---------------------===//
// Part of the LLVM Project, under the Apache License v2.0 with LLVM Exceptions.
// See for license information.
// SPDX-License-Identifier: Apache-2.0 WITH LLVM-exception
// Common Helpers
let Component = "Common" in {
// Substitutions.
def select_constexpr_spec_kind : TextSubstitution<
// Basic.
def fatal_too_many_errors
: Error<"too many errors emitted, stopping now">, DefaultFatal;
def warn_stack_exhausted : Warning<
"stack nearly exhausted; compilation time may suffer, and "
"crashes due to stack overflow are likely">,
InGroup<DiagGroup<"stack-exhausted">>, NoSFINAE;
def note_declared_at : Note<"declared here">;
def note_previous_definition : Note<"previous definition is here">;
def note_previous_declaration : Note<"previous declaration is here">;
def note_previous_implicit_declaration : Note<
"previous implicit declaration is here">;
def note_previous_use : Note<"previous use is here">;
def note_duplicate_case_prev : Note<"previous case defined here">;
def note_forward_declaration : Note<"forward declaration of %0">;
def note_type_being_defined : Note<
"definition of %0 is not complete until the closing '}'">;
/// note_matching - this is used as a continuation of a previous diagnostic,
/// e.g. to specify the '(' when we expected a ')'.
def note_matching : Note<"to match this %0">;
def note_using : Note<"using">;
def note_possibility : Note<"one possibility">;
def note_also_found : Note<"also found">;
// Parse && Lex
let CategoryName = "Lexical or Preprocessor Issue" in {
def err_expected_colon_after_setter_name : Error<
"method name referenced in property setter attribute "
"must end with ':'">;
def err_expected_string_literal : Error<"expected string literal "
"%select{in %1|for diagnostic message in static_assert|"
"for optional message in 'availability' attribute|"
"for %select{language|source container}1 name in "
"'external_source_symbol' attribute}0">;
def err_invalid_string_udl : Error<
"string literal with user-defined suffix cannot be used here">;
def err_invalid_character_udl : Error<
"character literal with user-defined suffix cannot be used here">;
def err_invalid_numeric_udl : Error<
"numeric literal with user-defined suffix cannot be used here">;
// Parse && Sema
let CategoryName = "Parse Issue" in {
def err_expected : Error<"expected %0">;
def err_expected_either : Error<"expected %0 or %1">;
def err_expected_after : Error<"expected %1 after %0">;
def err_param_redefinition : Error<"redefinition of parameter %0">;
def warn_method_param_redefinition : Warning<"redefinition of method parameter %0">;
def warn_method_param_declaration : Warning<"redeclaration of method parameter %0">,
InGroup<DuplicateArgDecl>, DefaultIgnore;
def err_invalid_storage_class_in_func_decl : Error<
"invalid storage class specifier in function declarator">;
def err_expected_namespace_name : Error<"expected namespace name">;
def ext_variadic_templates : ExtWarn<
"variadic templates are a C++11 extension">, InGroup<CXX11>;
def warn_cxx98_compat_variadic_templates :
Warning<"variadic templates are incompatible with C++98">,
InGroup<CXX98Compat>, DefaultIgnore;
def err_default_special_members : Error<
"only special member functions may be defaulted">;
def err_deleted_non_function : Error<
"only functions can have deleted definitions">;
def err_module_not_found : Error<"module '%0' not found">, DefaultFatal;
def err_module_not_built : Error<"could not build module '%0'">, DefaultFatal;
def err_module_build_disabled: Error<
"module '%0' is needed but has not been provided, and implicit use of module "
"files is disabled">, DefaultFatal;
def err_module_unavailable : Error<
"module '%0' %select{is incompatible with|requires}1 feature '%2'">;
def err_module_header_missing : Error<
"%select{|umbrella }0header '%1' not found">;
def remark_module_lock_failure : Remark<
"could not acquire lock file for module '%0': %1">, InGroup<ModuleBuild>;
def remark_module_lock_timeout : Remark<
"timed out waiting to acquire lock file for module '%0'">, InGroup<ModuleBuild>;
def err_module_shadowed : Error<"import of shadowed module '%0'">, DefaultFatal;
def err_module_build_shadowed_submodule : Error<
"build a shadowed submodule '%0'">, DefaultFatal;
def err_module_cycle : Error<"cyclic dependency in module '%0': %1">,
def err_module_prebuilt : Error<
"error in loading module '%0' from prebuilt module path">, DefaultFatal;
def note_pragma_entered_here : Note<"#pragma entered here">;
def note_decl_hiding_tag_type : Note<
"%1 %0 is hidden by a non-type declaration of %0 here">;
def err_attribute_not_type_attr : Error<
"%0 attribute cannot be applied to types">;
def err_enum_template : Error<"enumeration cannot be a template">;
def warn_cxx20_compat_consteval : Warning<
"'consteval' specifier is incompatible with C++ standards before C++20">,
InGroup<CXX2aCompat>, DefaultIgnore;
let CategoryName = "Nullability Issue" in {
def warn_nullability_duplicate : Warning<
"duplicate nullability specifier %0">,
def warn_conflicting_nullability_attr_overriding_ret_types : Warning<
"conflicting nullability specifier on return types, %0 "
"conflicts with existing specifier %1">,
def warn_conflicting_nullability_attr_overriding_param_types : Warning<
"conflicting nullability specifier on parameter types, %0 "
"conflicts with existing specifier %1">,
def err_nullability_conflicting : Error<
"nullability specifier %0 conflicts with existing specifier %1">;
// OpenCL Section 6.8.g
def err_opencl_unknown_type_specifier : Error<
"%select{OpenCL C|C++ for OpenCL}0 version %1 does not support the "
"'%2' %select{type qualifier|storage class specifier}3">;
def warn_unknown_attribute_ignored : Warning<
"unknown attribute %0 ignored">, InGroup<UnknownAttributes>;
def err_use_of_tag_name_without_tag : Error<
"must use '%1' tag to refer to type %0%select{| in this scope}2">;
def duplicate_declspec : TextSubstitution<
"duplicate '%0' declaration specifier">;
def ext_duplicate_declspec : Extension<"%sub{duplicate_declspec}0">,
def ext_warn_duplicate_declspec : ExtWarn<"%sub{duplicate_declspec}0">,
def warn_duplicate_declspec : Warning<"%sub{duplicate_declspec}0">,
def err_duplicate_declspec : Error<"%sub{duplicate_declspec}0">;
def err_friend_decl_spec : Error<"'%0' is invalid in friend declarations">;
def err_invalid_member_in_interface : Error<
"%select{data member |non-public member function |static member function |"
"user-declared constructor|user-declared destructor|operator |"
"nested class }0%1 is not permitted within an interface type">;
def err_attribute_uuid_malformed_guid : Error<
"uuid attribute contains a malformed GUID">;
// Sema && Lex
def ext_c99_longlong : Extension<
"'long long' is an extension when C99 mode is not enabled">,
def ext_cxx11_longlong : Extension<
"'long long' is a C++11 extension">,
def warn_cxx98_compat_longlong : Warning<
"'long long' is incompatible with C++98">,
InGroup<CXX98CompatPedantic>, DefaultIgnore;
def err_integer_literal_too_large : Error<
"integer literal is too large to be represented in any %select{signed |}0"
"integer type">;
def ext_integer_literal_too_large_for_signed : ExtWarn<
"integer literal is too large to be represented in a signed integer type, "
"interpreting as unsigned">,
def warn_old_implicitly_unsigned_long : Warning<
"integer literal is too large to be represented in type 'long', "
"interpreting as 'unsigned long' per C89; this literal will "
"%select{have type 'long long'|be ill-formed}0 in C99 onwards">,
def warn_old_implicitly_unsigned_long_cxx : Warning<
"integer literal is too large to be represented in type 'long', "
"interpreting as 'unsigned long' per C++98; this literal will "
"%select{have type 'long long'|be ill-formed}0 in C++11 onwards">,
def ext_old_implicitly_unsigned_long_cxx : ExtWarn<
"integer literal is too large to be represented in type 'long' and is "
"subject to undefined behavior under C++98, interpreting as 'unsigned long'; "
"this literal will %select{have type 'long long'|be ill-formed}0 "
"in C++11 onwards">,
def ext_clang_enable_if : Extension<"'enable_if' is a clang extension">,
def ext_clang_diagnose_if : Extension<"'diagnose_if' is a clang extension">,
def err_too_large_for_fixed_point : Error<
"this value is too large for this fixed point type">;
def err_fixed_point_not_enabled : Error<"compile with "
"'-ffixed-point' to enable fixed point types">;
def err_unimplemented_conversion_with_fixed_point_type : Error<
"conversion between fixed point and %0 is not yet supported">;
// SEH
def err_seh_expected_handler : Error<
"expected '__except' or '__finally' block">;
def err_seh___except_block : Error<
"%0 only allowed in __except block or filter expression">;
def err_seh___except_filter : Error<
"%0 only allowed in __except filter expression">;
def err_seh___finally_block : Error<
"%0 only allowed in __finally block">;
// Sema && AST
def note_invalid_subexpr_in_const_expr : Note<
"subexpression not valid in a constant expression">;
// Sema && Frontend
let CategoryName = "Inline Assembly Issue" in {
def err_asm_invalid_type_in_input : Error<
"invalid type %0 in asm input for constraint '%1'">;
// Sema && Serialization
def warn_dup_category_def : Warning<
"duplicate definition of category %1 on interface %0">;
// Targets
def err_target_unknown_triple : Error<
"unknown target triple '%0', please use -triple or -arch">;
def err_target_unknown_cpu : Error<"unknown target CPU '%0'">;
def note_valid_options : Note<"valid target CPU values are: %0">;
def err_target_unsupported_cpu_for_micromips : Error<
"micromips is not supported for target CPU '%0'">;
def err_target_unknown_abi : Error<"unknown target ABI '%0'">;
def err_target_unsupported_abi : Error<"ABI '%0' is not supported on CPU '%1'">;
def err_target_unsupported_abi_for_triple : Error<
"ABI '%0' is not supported for '%1'">;
def err_unsupported_abi_for_opt : Error<"'%0' can only be used with the '%1' ABI">;
def err_mips_fp64_req : Error<
"'%0' can only be used if the target supports the mfhc1 and mthc1 instructions">;
def err_target_unknown_fpmath : Error<"unknown FP unit '%0'">;
def err_target_unsupported_fpmath : Error<
"the '%0' unit is not supported with this instruction set">;
def err_target_unsupported_unaligned : Error<
"the %0 sub-architecture does not support unaligned accesses">;
def err_target_unsupported_execute_only : Error<
"execute only is not supported for the %0 sub-architecture">;
def err_target_unsupported_mcmse : Error<
"-mcmse is not supported for %0">;
def err_opt_not_valid_with_opt : Error<
"option '%0' cannot be specified with '%1'">;
def err_opt_not_valid_on_target : Error<
"option '%0' cannot be specified on this target">;
// Source manager
def err_cannot_open_file : Error<"cannot open file '%0': %1">, DefaultFatal;
def err_file_modified : Error<
"file '%0' modified since it was first processed">, DefaultFatal;
def err_file_too_large : Error<
"sorry, unsupported: file '%0' is too large for Clang to process">;
def err_unsupported_bom : Error<"%0 byte order mark detected in '%1', but "
"encoding is not supported">, DefaultFatal;
def err_unable_to_rename_temp : Error<
"unable to rename temporary '%0' to output file '%1': '%2'">;
def err_unable_to_make_temp : Error<
"unable to make temporary file: %0">;
// Modules
def err_module_format_unhandled : Error<
"no handler registered for module format '%0'">, DefaultFatal;
// TransformActions
// TODO: Use a custom category name to distinguish rewriter errors.
def err_mt_message : Error<"[rewriter] %0">, SuppressInSystemHeader;
def warn_mt_message : Warning<"[rewriter] %0">;
def note_mt_message : Note<"[rewriter] %0">;
// ARCMigrate
def warn_arcmt_nsalloc_realloc : Warning<"[rewriter] call returns pointer to GC managed memory; it will become unmanaged in ARC">;
def err_arcmt_nsinvocation_ownership : Error<"NSInvocation's %0 is not safe to be used with an object with ownership other than __unsafe_unretained">;
// C++ for OpenCL.
def err_openclcxx_not_supported : Error<
"'%0' is not supported in C++ for OpenCL">;
// OpenMP
def err_omp_more_one_clause : Error<
"directive '#pragma omp %0' cannot contain more than one '%1' clause%select{| with '%3' name modifier| with 'source' dependence}2">;
// Static Analyzer Core
def err_unknown_analyzer_checker_or_package : Error<
"no analyzer checkers or packages are associated with '%0'">;
def note_suggest_disabling_all_checkers : Note<
"use -analyzer-disable-all-checks to disable all static analyzer checkers">;
// Poison system directories.
def warn_poison_system_directories : Warning <
"include location '%0' is unsafe for cross-compilation">,
InGroup<DiagGroup<"poison-system-directories">>, DefaultIgnore;