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  1. 635ffc9 [CMake] Use #cmakedefine01 for CLANG_ENABLE_(ARCMT|OBJC_REWRITER|STATIC_ANALYZER) by NAKAMURA Takumi · 2 hours ago master upstream/master
  2. e940f2f Provide a flag group to turn on/off all "binary literals" extension warnings. by Richard Smith · 5 hours ago
  3. 5920af9 [modules] When finding the owning module of an instantiated context in template by Richard Smith · 6 hours ago
  4. d5aad90 [CMake] Build Fuchsia toolchain as -O3 by Petr Hosek · 6 hours ago
  5. 09c41bf Basic: fix __{,U}INTPTR_TYPE__ on ARM by Saleem Abdulrasool · 7 hours ago
  6. 1b1d123 Resubmit "[lit] Raise the logic for enabling clang & lld substitutions to llvm." by Zachary Turner · 8 hours ago
  7. a7e10ab Basic: fix `__INTPTR_TYPE__` for Windows ARM by Saleem Abdulrasool · 8 hours ago
  8. ac036d4 [Analyzer] Always use non-reference types when creating expressions in BodyFarm. by George Karpenkov · 9 hours ago
  9. ab38736 Fix PR34981, a crash-on-invalid merging dllimport to an invalid redecl. by Nico Weber · 10 hours ago
  10. 2301481 [CFG] Relax Wexceptions warning on rethrow by Erich Keane · 10 hours ago
  11. cca4107 This test case was missing -fsyntax-only, so I've added it. NFC to the actual test contents, just how the test is executed. by Aaron Ballman · 10 hours ago
  12. 6a20f1d Enable support for the [[nodiscard]] attribute from WG14 N2050 when enabling double square bracket attributes in C code. by Aaron Ballman · 11 hours ago
  13. c29141b Expose ConsumeAnyToken interface to external clients. by Vassil Vassilev · 12 hours ago
  14. ba32363 [OpenCL] Restrict swizzle length check to OpenCL mode by Bruno Cardoso Lopes · 13 hours ago
  15. f78232d Replace use of SmallVector::back + pop_back with pop_back_val by Erich Keane · 13 hours ago
  16. 4dd9644 Sema: use new `getNS{,U}IntegerType` for NS{,U}Integer by Saleem Abdulrasool · 14 hours ago
  17. 1b641bc [OPENMP] Fix capturing of boolean variables in debug mode. by Alexey Bataev · 14 hours ago
  18. 61664b6 [OpenMP] Implement omp_is_initial_device() as builtin by Jonas Hahnfeld · 17 hours ago
  19. 2965315 CodeGen: Fix invalid bitcasts for atomic builtins by Yaxun Liu · 17 hours ago
  20. 942e003 [clang-rename] Rename enum. by Haojian Wu · 17 hours ago