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  1. 6d8d10a [ThinLTO] Pass down opt level to LTO backend and handle -O0 LTO in new PM by Teresa Johnson · 7 minutes ago master upstream/master
  2. 4d8e7b3 [APSInt][OpenMP] Fix isNegative, etc. for unsigned types by Joel E. Denny · 2 hours ago
  3. 2b40adf MS ABI: Support mangling op<=> now that MSVC 2019 has a mangling by Nico Weber · 2 hours ago
  4. bacdda2 Fix "-Wimplicit-fallthrough" warning. NFCI. by Simon Pilgrim · 7 hours ago
  5. 6a1e1a1 [Analyzer] Second fix for last commit for IteratorChecker by Adam Balogh · 8 hours ago
  6. 55bbda4 [analyzer][CrossTU] Extend CTU to VarDecls with initializer by Rafael Stahl · 8 hours ago
  7. eb72871 [Analyzer] Fix for previous commit by Adam Balogh · 11 hours ago
  8. 70be40f [PowerPC] Fix test with -fno-discard-value-names after rC358949 by Fangrui Song · 11 hours ago
  9. a73b978 [Analyzer] Instead of recording comparisons in interator checkers do an eager state split by Adam Balogh · 12 hours ago
  10. de15485 [PowerPC] [Clang] Port MMX intrinsics and basic test cases to Power by Qiu Chaofan · 13 hours ago
  11. 959aef7 [analyzer] Unbreak body farms in presence of multiple declarations. by Artem Dergachev · 16 hours ago
  12. 4991acc [analyzer] PR41335: Fix crash when no-store event is in a body-farmed function. by Artem Dergachev · 16 hours ago
  13. d568cd7 [analyzer] PR41269: Add a bit of C++ smart pointer modeling. by Artem Dergachev · 16 hours ago
  14. 02a417f [CMake] Replace the sanitizer support in runtimes build with multilib by Petr Hosek · 20 hours ago
  15. 30cd644 [c++2a] Implement semantic restrictions for 'export' declarations. by Richard Smith · 20 hours ago
  16. 9779aa4 [VerifyDiagnosticConsumer] Document -verify=<prefixes> in doxygen by Joel E. Denny · 23 hours ago
  17. 6b8fd55 [ASTMatchers] Introduce Objective-C matchers `isClassMessage`, `isClassMethod`, and `isInstanceMethod` by Ben Hamilton · 25 hours ago
  18. 3711ba4 [sema][objc] Minor refactor to OverrideSearch. NFCI. by Matt Davis · 27 hours ago
  19. 0ddd577 [Sema] ADL: Associated namespaces for class types and enumeration types (CWG 1691) by Bruno Ricci · 31 hours ago
  20. 61719b5 [Sema][NFC] Add more tests for the behavior of argument-dependent name lookup by Bruno Ricci · 31 hours ago