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  1. dd72064 Attempt to fix VS2015 build breakage from r354517. NFCI. by Douglas Yung 路 4 hours ago master upstream/master
  2. 825b9e0 [clang-tidy] Make google-objc-function-naming ignore implicit functions 馃檲 by Stephane Moore 路 8 hours ago
  3. a0bcbdb [clang-tidy] refactor ExceptionAnalyzer further to give ternary answer by Jonas Toth 路 12 hours ago
  4. fae8485 [clangd] Fix a crash in Selection by Ilya Biryukov 路 13 hours ago
  5. a225d04 [clangd] Store index in '.clangd/index' instead of '.clangd-index' by Ilya Biryukov 路 14 hours ago
  6. 8d6529f Update property prefix regex to allow numbers. by Yan Zhang 路 15 hours ago
  7. e55342c [clangd] Fix a typo. NFC by Ilya Biryukov 路 20 hours ago
  8. b9ae67d [clangd] Revert r354442 and r354444 by Kadir Cetinkaya 路 21 hours ago
  9. 7af73db [clangd] Try to fix windows build bots by Kadir Cetinkaya 路 22 hours ago
  10. a1270e7 [clangd] Testcase for bug 39811 by Kadir Cetinkaya 路 23 hours ago
  11. 667d3d6 [clangd] Add an option in the code to not display number of fixes by Ilya Biryukov 路 2 days ago
  12. 4b3c970 [clangd] Handle unresolved scope specifier when fixing includes. by Eric Liu 路 2 days ago
  13. b0546c2 [clangd] Add tests for template specializations by Kadir Cetinkaya 路 3 days ago
  14. 30f467e [clangd] Cache include fixes for diagnostics caused by the same unresolved name or incomplete type. by Eric Liu 路 3 days ago
  15. 86f9f2f [clang-tidy] Fix links in docs. by Alexander Kornienko 路 3 days ago
  16. 1e82324 [clang-tidy][NFCI] DanglingHandleCheck: Remove a superflous IgnoreParenImpCasts by Bruno Ricci 路 4 days ago
  17. 4aa3386 [clang-tidy] Delete obsolete objc-property-declaration options 鉁傦笍 by Stephane Moore 路 5 days ago
  18. cc9a995 [clangd] Unlink VFS working dir from OS working dir. Reland of r351051 by Sam McCall 路 6 days ago
  19. ab354de [clang-tidy] Mention language version in test explicitly. by Volodymyr Sapsai 路 6 days ago
  20. 80b6bd2 [clangd] Handle a few more diag kinds in include fixer. by Eric Liu 路 8 days ago