Merges encoding branch (#1187)

* Added encoding field to instructions, as per encoding branch

The encoding branch appears to have added some useful fields
accessible from the public API, including the size and offsets
of displacements and immediates in instructions.  I needed access
to these fields, but the encoding branch is months behind the
active branches, so I took the minimum code from the old encoding
branch and put them into a more recent version of master.

It does seem that the most recent version does not have an offset
for the modRM byte in the InternalInstruction struct, so I did
not keep this field when bringing it to the more recent version.

I also added some of the changes made by user jellever, who added
support for accessing these new fields from the python bindings.

(cherry picked from commit d358c4b987cc77af90e24da15937e021c42f682f)

* Fixed bug with python bindings from adding encoding field

I had forgotten an import that resulted in failure when trying
to obtain instruction details.

(cherry picked from commit 44a15e378900efb624e7cdb952d32558ba0de684)

* promoted displacement to 64 bits

* Added modrm offset

* formatting from review fixed

* updated 32 bit C tests

* Added 64 and 16 bit C tests

* Updated python tests

* fixed formatting and size in py bindings

* Delete Solution.VC.db-shm

* Delete Solution.VC.db-wal

* Update test_x86.c

* fixed formatting and conditional prints

* fixed formatting
8 files changed