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This file details the changelog of Capstone.
Version 3.0.2: March 11th, 2015
[ Library ]
- On *nix, only export symbols that are part of the API (instead of all
the internal symbols).
[ X86 ]
- Do not consider 0xF2 as REPNE prefix if it is a part of instruction encoding.
- Fix implicit registers read/written & instruction groups of some instructions.
- More flexible on the order of prefixes, so better handle some tricky
- REPNE prefix can go with STOS & MOVS instructions.
- Fix a compilation bug for X86_REDUCE mode.
- Fix operand size of instructions with operand PTR []
[ Arm ]
- Fix a bug where arm_op_mem.disp is wrongly calculated (in DETAIL mode).
- Fix a bug on handling the If-Then block.
[ Mips ]
- Sanity check for the input size for MIPS64 mode.
[ MSVC ]
- Compile capstone.dll with static runtime MSVCR built in.
[ Python binding ]
- Fix a compiling issue of Cython binding with gcc 4.9.
Version 3.0.1: February 03rd, 2015
[ X86 ]
- Properly handle LOCK, REP, REPE & REPNE prefixes.
- Handle undocumented immediates for SSE's (V)CMPPS/PD/SS/SD instructions.
- Print LJUMP/LCALL without * as prefix for Intel syntax.
- Handle REX prefix properly for segment/MMX related instructions (x86_64).
- Instruction with length > 15 is consider invalid.
- Handle some tricky encodings for instructions MOVSXD, FXCH, FCOM, FCOMP,
- Handle some tricky code for some X86_64 instructions with REX prefix.
- Add missing operands in detail mode for PUSH , POP , IN/OUT reg, reg
- MOV32ms & MOV32sm should reference word rather than dword.
[ Arm64 ]
- BL & BLR instructions do not read SP register.
- Print absolute (rather than relative) address for instructions B, BL,
[ Arm ]
- Instructions ADC & SBC do not update flags.
- BL & BLX do not read SP, but PC register.
- Alias LDR instruction with operands [sp], 4 to POP.
- Print immediate operand of MVN instruction in positive hexadecimal form.
[ PowerPC ]
- Fix some compilation bugs when DIET mode is enable.
- Populate SLWI/SRWI instruction details with SH operand.
[ Python binding ]
- Fix a Cython bug when CsInsn.bytes returns a shorten array of bytes.
- Fixed a memory leak for Cython disasm functions when we immaturely quit
the enumeration of disassembled instructions.
- Fix a NULL memory access issue when SKIPDATA & Detail modes are enable
at the same time.
- Fix a memory leaking bug when when we stop enumeration over the disassembled
instructions prematurely.
- Export generic operand types & groups (CS_OP_xxx & CS_GRP_xxx).
Version 3.0: November 19th, 2014
[ API ]
- New API: cs_disasm_iter & cs_malloc. See docs/README for tutorials.
- Renamed cs_disasm_ex to cs_disasm (cs_disasm_ex is still supported, but
marked obsolete to be removed in future)
- Support SKIPDATA mode, so Capstone can jump over unknown data and keep going
from the next legitimate instruction. See docs/README for tutorials.
- More details provided in cs_detail struct for all architectures.
- API version was bumped to 3.0.
[ Bindings ]
- Python binding supports Python3 (besides Python2).
- Support Ocaml binding.
- Java: add close() method to be used to deinitialize a Capstone object when
no longer use it.
[ Architectures ]
- New architectures: Sparc, SystemZ & XCore.
- Important bugfixes for Arm, Arm64, Mips, PowerPC & X86.
- Support more instructions for Arm, Arm64, Mips, PowerPC & X86.
- Always expose absolute addresses rather than relative addresses (Arm, Arm64,
Mips, PPC, Sparc, X86).
- Use common instruction operand types REG, IMM, MEM & FP across all
architectures (to enable cross-architecture analysis).
- Use common instruction group types across all architectures (to enable
cross-architecture analysis).
[ X86 ]
- X86 engine is mature & handles all the malware tricks (that we are aware of).
- Added a lot of new instructions (such as AVX512, 3DNow, etc).
- Print immediate in positive form & hexadecimal for AND/OR/XOR instructions.
- More friendly disassembly for JMP16i (in the form segment:offset)
[ Mips ]
- Engine added supports for new hardware modes: Mips32R6 (CS_MODE_MIPS32R6) &
- Removed the ABI-only mode CS_MODE_N64.
- New modes CS_MODE_MIPS32 & CS_MODE_MIPS64 (to use instead of CS_MODE_32 &
[ ARM ]
- Support new mode CS_MODE_V8 for Armv8 A32 encodings.
- Print immediate in positive form & hexadecimal for AND/ORR/EOR/BIC instructions
[ ARM64 ]
- Print immediate in hexadecimal for AND/ORR/EOR/TST instructions.
[ PowerPC ]
- Do not print a dot in front of absolute address.
[ Other features ]
- Support for Microsoft Visual Studio (so enable Windows native compilation).
- Support CMake compilation.
- Cross-compile for Android.
- Build libraries/tests using XCode project
- Much faster, while consuming less memory for all architectures.
Version 2.1.2: April 3rd, 2014
This is a stable release to fix some bugs deep in the core. There is no update
to any architectures or bindings, so bindings version 2.1 can be used with this
version 2.1.2 just fine.
[ Core changes]
- Support cross-compilation for all iDevices (iPhone/iPad/iPod).
- X86: do not print memory offset in negative form.
- Fix a bug in X86 when Capstone cannot handle short instruction.
- Print negative number above -9 without prefix 0x (arm64, mips, arm).
- Correct the SONAME setup for library versioning (Linux, *BSD, Solaris).
- Set library versioning for dylib of OSX.
Version 2.1.1: March 13th, 2014
This is a stable release to fix some bugs deep in the core. There is no update
to any architectures or bindings, so bindings version 2.1 can be used with this
version 2.1.1 just fine.
[ Core changes]
- Fix a buffer overflow bug in Thumb mode (ARM). Some special input can
trigger this flaw.
- Fix a crash issue when embedding Capstone into OSX kernel. This should
also enable Capstone to be embedded into other systems with limited stack
memory size such as Linux kernel or some firmwares.
- Use a proper SONAME for library versioning (Linux).
Version 2.1: March 5th, 2014
[ API changes ]
- API version has been bumped to 2.1.
- Change prototype of cs_close() to be able to invalidate closed handle.
See for more information.
- Extend cs_support() to handle more query types, not only about supported
architectures. This change is backward compatible, however, so existent code
do not need to be modified to support this.
- New query type CS_SUPPORT_DIET for cs_support() to ask about diet status of
the engine.
- New error code CS_ERR_DIET to report errors about newly added diet mode.
- New error code CS_ERR_VERSION to report issue of incompatible versions between
bindings & core engine.
[ Core changes ]
- On memory usage, Capstone uses about 40% less memory, while still faster
than version 2.0.
- All architectures are much smaller: binaries size reduce at least 30%.
Especially, X86-only binary reduces from 1.9MB to just 720KB.
- Support "diet" mode, in which engine size is further reduced (by around 40%)
for embedding purpose. The price to pay is that we have to sacrifice some
non-critical data fields. See for more
[ Architectures ]
- Update all 5 architectures to fix bugs.
- PowerPC:
- New instructions: FMR & MSYNC.
- Mips:
- New instruction: DLSA
- X86:
- Properly handle AVX-512 instructions.
- New instructions: PSETPM, SALC, INT1, GETSEC.
- Fix some memory leaking issues in case of prefixed instructions such
[ Python binding ]
- Verify the core version at initialization time. Refuse to run if its version
is different from the core's version.
- New API disasm_lite() added to Cs class. This light API only returns tuples of
(address, size, mnemonic, op_str), rather than list of CsInsn objects. This
improves performance by around 30% in some benchmarks.
- New API version_bind() returns binding's version, which might differ from
the core's API version if the binding is out-of-date.
- New API debug() returns information on Cython support, diet status & archs
compiled in.
- Fixed some memory leaking bugs for Cython binding.
- Fix a bug crashing Cython code when accessing @regs_read/regs_write/groups.
- Support diet mode.
[ Java binding ]
- Fix some memory leaking bugs.
- New API version() returns combined version.
- Support diet mode.
- Better support for detail option.
[ Miscellaneous ]
- now can uninstall the core engine. This is done with:
$ sudo ./ uninstall
Version 2.0: January 22nd, 2014
Release 2.0 deprecates verison 1.0 and brings a lot of crucial changes.
[ API changes ]
- API version has been bumped to 2.0 (see cs_version() API)
- New API cs_strerror(errno) returns a string describing error code given
in its only argument.
- cs_version() now returns combined version encoding both major & minor versions.
- New option CS_OPT_MODE allows to change engine’s mode at run-time with
- New option CS_OPT_MEM allows to specify user-defined functions for dynamically
memory management used internally by Capstone. This is useful to embed Capstone
into special environments such as kernel or firware.
- New API cs_support() can be used to check if this lib supports a particular
architecture (this is necessary since we now allow to choose which architectures
to compile in).
- The detail option is OFF by default now. To get detail information, it should be
explicitly turned ON. The details then can be accessed using cs_insn.detail
pointer (to newly added structure cs_detail)
[ Core changes ]
- On memory usage, Capstone uses much less memory, but a lot faster now.
- User now can choose which architectures to be supported by modifying
before compiling/installing.
[ Architectures ]
- Arm
- Support Big-Endian mode (besides Little-Endian mode).
- Support friendly register, so instead of output sub "r12,r11,0x14",
we have "sub ip,fp,0x14".
- Arm64: support Big-Endian mode (besides Little-Endian mode).
- PowerPC: newly added.
- Mips: support friendly register, so instead of output "srl $2,$1,0x1f",
we have "srl $v0,$at,0x1f".
- X86: bug fixes.
[ Python binding ]
- Python binding is vastly improved in performance: around 3 ~ 4 times faster
than in 1.0.
- Cython support has been added, which can further speed up over the default
pure Python binding (up to 30% in some cases)
- Function cs_disasm_quick() & Cs.disasm() now use generator (rather than a list)
to return succesfully disassembled instructions. This improves the performance
and reduces memory usage.
[ Java binding ]
- Better performance & bug fixes.
[ Miscellaneous ]
- Fixed some installation issues with Gentoo Linux.
- Capstone now can easily compile/install on all *nix, including Linux, OSX,
{Net, Free, Open}BSD & Solaris.
[Version 1.0]: December 18th, 2013
- Initial public release.