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Xcode Project for Capstone

The Capstone.xcodeproj project is an Xcode project that mimicks the Visual Studio solution for Capstone. It embeds nicely into Xcode workspaces. It has 13 targets, two of which are the most likely to be of interest:

  • CapstoneStatic, producing libcapstone.a, Capstone as a static library;
  • CapstoneDynamic, producing libcapstone.dylib, Capstone as a shared library;
  • test, test_arm, test_arm64, test_detail, test_mips, test_ppc, test_skipdata, test_sparc, test_systemz, test_xcore, testing all the things.

The project is configured to include all targets and use the system implementations of malloc, calloc, realloc, free and vsnprintf. This can be modified by editing the Preprocessor Macros build setting of either CapstoneStatic or CapstoneDynamic, whichever you plan to use. These settings are all at the target level: no specific overrides were used at the project level.

A Word of Warning: Static vs. Shared Library

There is a bug in how Xcode handles static libraries and dynamic libraries of the same name. Currently, if you integrate the Capstone project in a workspace and both the static and the dynamic libraries are built, if you try to link against either, you will always link against the dynamic one. To work around this issue, you can avoid building the dynamic library if you don't plan to use it, or you could change the Product Name build setting of either.