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MultiUse = -1 'True
Persistable = 0 'NotPersistable
DataBindingBehavior = 0 'vbNone
DataSourceBehavior = 0 'vbNone
MTSTransactionMode = 0 'NotAnMTSObject
Attribute VB_Name = "CDisassembler"
Attribute VB_GlobalNameSpace = False
Attribute VB_Creatable = True
Attribute VB_PredeclaredId = False
Attribute VB_Exposed = False
Option Explicit
'Capstone Disassembly Engine bindings for VB6
'Contributed by FireEye FLARE Team
'Author: David Zimmer <>, <>
'License: Apache
'Copyright: FireEye 2017
'NOTE: the VB code was built and tested against Capstone v3.0 rc4
' if the capstone C structures change, the VB code will have to
' be adjusted to match!
' instructions details are currently only implemented for x86
Public arch As cs_arch
Public mode As cs_mode
Public hCapstone As Long
Public hLib As Long
Public version As String
Public vMajor As Long
Public vMinor As Long
Public errMsg As String
Public lastErr As cs_err
Private Function CheckPath(pth As String) As Long
Dim hCap As Long, capPth As String, shimPth As String
shimPth = pth & "\vbCapstone.dll"
capPth = pth & "\capstone.dll"
If Not FileExists(shimPth) Then Exit Function
hCap = LoadLibrary(capPth)
If hCap = 0 Then hCap = LoadLibrary("capstone.dll")
If hCap = 0 Then errMsg = "Could not find capstone.dll"
CheckPath = LoadLibrary(shimPth)
'If CheckPath = 0 Then MsgBox Err.LastDllError
End Function
Public Function init(arch As cs_arch, mode As cs_mode, Optional enableDetails As Boolean = False) As Boolean
errMsg = Empty
hLib = GetModuleHandle("vbCapstone.dll")
If hLib = 0 Then hLib = CheckPath(App.path & "\bin\")
If hLib = 0 Then hLib = CheckPath(App.path & "\")
If hLib = 0 Then hLib = CheckPath(App.path & "\..\")
If hLib = 0 Then hLib = LoadLibrary("vbCapstone.dll")
If hLib = 0 Then
errMsg = errMsg & " Could not load vbCapstone.dll"
Exit Function
End If
Me.arch = arch
Me.mode = mode
cs_version vMajor, vMinor
version = vMajor & "." & vMinor
If cs_support(arch) = 0 Then
errMsg = "specified architecture not supported"
Exit Function
End If
Dim handle As Long 'in vb class a public var is actually a property get/set can not use as byref to api..
lastErr = cs_open(arch, mode, handle)
If lastErr <> CS_ERR_OK Then
errMsg = err2str(lastErr)
Exit Function
End If
hCapstone = handle
If enableDetails Then 'vb bindings currently only support details for x86
If arch = CS_ARCH_X86 Then
cs_option handle, CS_OPT_DETAIL, CS_OPT_ON
End If
End If
init = True
End Function
'base is a variant and currently accepts the following input types:
' x64 number held as currency type (ex. makeCur(&haabbccdd, &h11223344) )
' int/long value (ex. &h1000 or 12345)
' numeric string or 0x/&h prefixed hex string (ex. "12345", "0x1200", "&haabbccdd")
Function disasm(ByVal base, code() As Byte, Optional count As Long = 0) As Collection
Dim c As Long
Dim instAry As Long
Dim ret As New Collection
Dim ci As CInstruction
Dim i As Long
Dim address As Currency
On Error Resume Next
Set disasm = ret
If TypeName(base) = "Currency" Then
address = base
If TypeName(base) = "String" Then base = Replace(Trim(base), "0x", "&h")
address = lng2Cur(CLng(base))
If Err.Number <> 0 Then
errMsg = "Could not convert base address to long"
Exit Function
End If
End If
c = cs_disasm(Me.hCapstone, code(0), UBound(code) + 1, address, count, instAry)
If c = 0 Then Exit Function
For i = 0 To c - 1
Set ci = New CInstruction
ci.LoadInstruction instAry, i, Me
ret.Add ci
cs_free instAry, c
End Function
Private Sub Class_Terminate()
Dim msg As String
msg = "CDissembler.Terminate " & Hex(hCapstone)
If hCapstone <> 0 Then lastErr = cs_close(hCapstone)
Debug.Print msg & " : " & lastErr
End If
End Sub