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dnl Version stuff
dnl Disable autoconf's version macros. We try hard to not rebuild the entire
dnl library just because version changed. The PACKAGE_VERSION* stuff in
dnl config.h is negating all the effort.
dnl We're not actually supposed to be doing this, and indeed adding the
dnl AC_DEFINEs below causes confdefs.h to contain duplicate incompatible
dnl #defines for the same PACKAGE_* symbols. Those are provoking warnings
dnl from the compiler, and that throws our CAIRO_TRY_LINK_*_ checks off,
dnl because they think that there's something wrong with some flag they're
dnl testing rather than confdefs.h! So let's do the gross thing and puke
dnl into confdefs.h some #undefs.
echo '#undef PACKAGE_VERSION' >>confdefs.h
echo '#undef PACKAGE_STRING' >>confdefs.h
echo '#undef PACKAGE_NAME' >>confdefs.h
echo '#undef PACKAGE_TARNAME' >>confdefs.h
AC_DEFINE(PACKAGE_VERSION, [USE_cairo_version_OR_cairo_version_string_INSTEAD])
AC_DEFINE(PACKAGE_STRING, [USE_cairo_version_OR_cairo_version_string_INSTEAD])