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This file contains a list of some things that have been suggested
Changes that are expected to impact the public API
Patch submitted to mailing list?
/ Documentation included in patch?
|/ Review of patch completed?
||/ Test case included?
|||/ Committed.
Backwards compatible (API additions only)
Add support for programmatic patterns, (ie. arbitrary gradients)
P Add cairo_arc_to.
Add support for custom caps (see below for details)
Add cairo_finish
Add cairo_get_scaled_font
Details on some of the above changes
* support for custom caps:
It would be nice if the user had a mechanism to reliably draw custom
caps. One approach here would be to provide the coordinates of the
butt cap faces so that the user can append seamless caps to the
current path. We may also need to provide the coordinates of the
faces of every dash as well.
Changes that do not affect the public API
* Change stroke code to go through one giant polygon. This will fix
problems with stroking self-intersecting paths.
* Fix the intersection problem, (see reference to Hobby's paper
mentioned in cairo_traps.c).
* Should add geometry pruning as appropriate.
* Fix/define tolerance for PS/PDF/SVG backends
Other changes (this text used to be in RODMAP)
Fairly severe bugs
6806 cairo 1.0.4 crash progressbar in window
PDF: minefield shows too-tiny bitmapped fonts in image fallback
PDF: minefield shows strangely hinted glyph shapes (only without truetype subsetting)
PDF: minefield has broken selection (only with truetype subsetting code)
4630 Fonts too large when drawing to image surface while printing
4863 stroking problems with wide dashed lines
7497 _cairo_color_compute_shorts fails with FPU set to single ...
Fix all expected failures (XFAIL) in the test suite
Fix disabled tests in the test suite
Win32 backend
✓1. Incorporate into test suite
2. Correct output for the entire suite
a. self-copy
b. trap-clip
[There is some mailing-list discussion about possible fixes
for these.]
or see arc_to branch in bedhad's repository
PS/PDF improvements
1. Make image fallbacks finer-grained than a whole page
2. Ensure that PDF text output is "selectable"
Quartz backend (maintainer needed!)
1. Mark Quartz backend as supported:
a. Incorporate into test suite
b. Correct output for the entire suite
1. xlib backend requires xrender to compile, while it can perform without
xrender at run time. Make it compile without it.
Some known bugs (this text used to be in BUGS)
XXX: Many of these bugs are likely no longer valid. We should
invesitgate each and either move it up into TODO (above) or ROADMAP or
else just delete it.
The caches need to be invalidated at font destruction time.
The polygon tessellation routine has problems. It appears that the
following paper has the right answers:
[Hobby93c] John D. Hobby, Practical Segment Intersection with
Finite Precision Output, Computation Geometry Theory and
Applications, 13(4), 1999.
Recent improvements to make the intersection code more robust (using
128-bit arithmetic where needed), have exposed some of the weakness in
the current tessellation implementation. So, for now, filling some
polygons will cause "leaking" until we implement Hobby's algorithm.
Stroke extents might not work for degenerate cases, (e.g. single
vertical or horizontal line).
Stroke width of 0 might do bad things.
Could there be a bug in PS backend exposed by?:
This needs a new testcase.
This puts the cairo_t in an error state:
cairo_scale (cr, 0, 0);
Text drawn with vertical metrics cannot currently use TrueType
subsetting for PDF/PS output as the code doesn't write out the necessary
VHEA or VMTX entries to the TrueType font objects. As a result, cairo uses
Type3 fonts which generates slightly different outlines.
Text transformations is a mess in PS/PDF backends. Many combinations of
rotated/scaled ctm, rotated/scaled font_matrix, and subsetting code used
(Type1/Type3/TrueType) are broken.