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Cairo Library Source Code
This directory contains the source code of the cairo library.
Source Code Listing
The canonical list of source files is the file Makefile.sources. See that
file for how it works.
New Backends
The rule of the thumb for adding new backends is to see how other
backends are integrated. Pick one of the simpler, unsupported, backends
and search the entire tree for it, and go from there.
To add new backends you need to basically:
* Modify $(top_srcdir)/ to add checks for your backend.
* Modify Makefile.sources to add source files for your backend,
* Modify $(top_srcdir)/boilerplate/ to add boilerplate code for
testing your new backend.
After adding new API, run "make check" in this directory and fix any
reported issues. Also add new API to the right location in
$(top_srcdir)/doc/public/cairo-sections.txt and run "make check"
in $(top_builddir)/doc/public to make sure that any newly added
documentation is correctly hooked up.
Do not forget to add tests for the new API. See next section.
There are some tests in this directory that check the source code and
the build for various issues. The tests are very quick to run, and
particularly should be run after any documentation or API changes. It
does not hurt to run them after any source modification either. Run
them simply by calling:
make check
There are also extensive regression tests in $(top_srcdir)/test. It is
a good idea to run that test suite for any changes made to the source
code. Moreover, for any new feature, API, or bug fix, new tests should
be added to the regression test suite to test the new code.
A detailed list of academic publications used in cairo code is available
in the file $(top_srcdir)/BIBLIOGRAPHY. Feel free to update as you
implement more papers.
For more technical publications (eg. Adobe technical reports) just
point them out in a comment in the header of the file implementing them.