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SPARSE = sparse
@echo Checking enabled sources with sparse checker
@status=true; for f in $(enabled_cairo_sources) $(enabled_cairo_cxx_sources); do \
echo $(SPARSE) $(PREPROCESS_ARGS) $(srcdir)/$$f; \
$(SPARSE) $(PREPROCESS_ARGS) $(srcdir)/$$f || status=false; \
done; $$status
SPLINT = splint -badflag
@echo Checking enabled sources with splint checker
@status=true; for f in $(enabled_cairo_sources) $(enabled_cairo_cxx_sources); do \
echo $(SPLINT) $(PREPROCESS_ARGS) $(srcdir)/$$f; \
$(SPLINT) $(PREPROCESS_ARGS) $(srcdir)/$$f || status=false; \
done; $$status
UNO = uno
@echo Checking enabled sources with uno checker
cd $(srcdir); $(UNO) $(PREPROCESS_ARGS) -DHAVE_CONFIG_H -U__GNUC__ $(enabled_cairo_sources)
headers-standalone: $(enabled_cairo_headers) $(enabled_cairo_private)
@echo Checking that enabled public/private headers can be compiled standalone
@status=true; for f in $(enabled_cairo_headers) $(enabled_cairo_private); do \
echo " CHECK $$f"; \
echo "#include \"$(srcdir)/$$f\"" > headers-standalone-tmp.c; \
echo "int main(int argc, char * argv[]) { return 0; }" >> headers-standalone-tmp.c; \
$(COMPILE) -o headers-standalone-tmp headers-standalone-tmp.c || status=false; \
$(RM) headers-standalone-tmp headers-standalone-tmp.c; \
done; $$status
@touch $@
CLEANFILES += headers-standalone
analysis: all headers-standalone sparse splint uno