Bloaty Tests

Bloaty has two sets of tests:

  • C++ tests in tests/*.cc
  • lit tests in tests/**/*.test

We are in the process of migrating existing tests to lit where possible (see:

lit tests

These tests use the lit and yaml2obj tools from LLVM:

  • yaml2obj allows us to generate very specific ELF/Mach-O/PE files from a text-based YAML format.
  • lit lets us intermix this YAML with commands to run Bloaty and make assertions about its output.

This is ideal for testing Bloaty's parsers, because yaml2obj is a precise and readable way of constructing input payloads.

To run these tests via CMake, a few additional parameters must be specified currently:

  • -DLIT_EXECUTABLE=<PATH>: specifies where to find the lit tool
  • -DFILECHECK_EXECUTABLE=<PATH>: specifies where to find the FileCheck tool
  • -DYAML2OBJ_EXECUTABLE=<PATH>: specifies where to find the yaml2obj tool

You can install lit via pip:

pip install --user lit

The FileCheck utility and yaml2obj currently need to be provided by the user. These are part of the LLVM toolchain and require a very recent build (development release from the main branch) to run the tests.

cmake -B build -G Ninja -S . -DLIT_EXECUTABLE=${HOME}/Library/Python/3.8/bin/lit -DFILECHECK_EXECUTABLE=${HOME}/BinaryCache/ -DYAML2OBJ_EXECUTABLE=${HOME}/BinaryCache/
cmake --build build --config Debug
cmake --build build --target check-bloaty

C++ Tests

The C++ tests are conventional C++ unit tests that use

Going forward, C++ should only be used for tests that do not parse binary input files. For example, C++ is good for testing Bloaty's data structures and aggregation/reporting logic.

To run the C++ tests (Git only, these are not included in the release tarball), type:

$ cmake --build build --config Debug --target test