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# Most targets will emit an R_*_RELATIVE reloc here, but RELATIVE
# relocs are superfluous. A target can do without them by simply
# defining an ADDR32 or ADDR64 style reloc without a symbol to behave
# like a RELATIVE reloc. GLOB_DAT relocs are similarly superfluous.
# In fact, a RELATIVE reloc can be wrong even if a target does have
# them, if the 32-bit or 64-bit field being relocated is unaligned.
# In that case the target ought to emit a UADDR32/64 or similar rather
# than a RELATIVE reloc.
# We also allow a dynamic reloc with a reference to .text as that
# should also resolve correctly. No reloc, or one referencing "fun"
# is incorrect. Also fail the test on finding a reloc at offset 0,
# typically a NONE reloc.
Relocation section.*
0*[1-9a-f][0-9a-f]* +[^ ]+ +[^ ]+ +([0-9a-f]+( +\.text( \+ [0-9a-f]+)?)?)?