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/* BFD back-end data structures for NLM (NetWare Loadable Modules) files.
Copyright (C) 1993-2016 Free Software Foundation, Inc.
Written by Cygnus Support.
This file is part of BFD, the Binary File Descriptor library.
This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify
it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by
the Free Software Foundation; either version 3 of the License, or
(at your option) any later version.
This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
GNU General Public License for more details.
You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License
along with this program; if not, write to the Free Software
Foundation, Inc., 51 Franklin Street - Fifth Floor, Boston,
MA 02110-1301, USA. */
#ifndef _LIBNLM_H_
#define _LIBNLM_H_ 1
#ifdef ARCH_SIZE
#include "nlm/common.h"
#include "nlm/internal.h"
#include "nlm/external.h"
/* A reloc for an imported NLM symbol. Normal relocs are associated
with sections, and include a symbol. These relocs are associated
with (undefined) symbols, and include a section. */
struct nlm_relent
/* Section of reloc. */
asection *section;
/* Reloc info (sym_ptr_ptr field set only when canonicalized). */
arelent reloc;
/* Information we keep for an NLM symbol. */
typedef struct
/* BFD symbol. */
asymbol symbol;
/* Number of reloc entries for imported symbol. */
bfd_size_type rcnt;
/* Array of reloc information for imported symbol. */
struct nlm_relent *relocs;
} nlmNAME(symbol_type);
extern bfd_boolean nlm_mkobject (bfd *);
extern bfd_boolean nlm_set_arch_mach (bfd *, enum bfd_architecture, unsigned long);
extern void nlmNAME (get_symbol_info) (bfd *, asymbol *, symbol_info *);
extern long nlmNAME (get_symtab_upper_bound)(bfd *);
extern long nlmNAME (canonicalize_symtab) (bfd *, asymbol **);
extern asymbol * nlmNAME (make_empty_symbol) (bfd *);
extern void nlmNAME (print_symbol) (bfd *, void *, asymbol *, bfd_print_symbol_type);
extern long nlmNAME (get_reloc_upper_bound) (bfd *, asection *);
extern long nlmNAME (canonicalize_reloc) (bfd *, asection *, arelent **, asymbol **);
extern const bfd_target * nlmNAME (object_p) (bfd *);
extern bfd_boolean nlmNAME (set_arch_mach) (bfd *, enum bfd_architecture, unsigned long);
extern bfd_boolean nlmNAME (set_section_contents) (bfd *, asection *, const void *, file_ptr, bfd_size_type);
extern bfd_boolean nlmNAME (write_object_contents) (bfd *);
/* Some private data is stashed away for future use using the tdata pointer
in the bfd structure. */
struct nlm_obj_tdata
/* Actual data, but ref like ptr */
Nlm_Internal_Fixed_Header nlm_fixed_hdr[1];
Nlm_Internal_Variable_Header nlm_variable_hdr[1];
Nlm_Internal_Version_Header nlm_version_hdr[1];
Nlm_Internal_Copyright_Header nlm_copyright_hdr[1];
Nlm_Internal_Extended_Header nlm_extended_hdr[1];
Nlm_Internal_Custom_Header nlm_custom_hdr[1];
Nlm_Internal_Cygnus_Ext_Header nlm_cygnus_ext_hdr[1];
/* BFD NLM symbols. */
nlmNAME (symbol_type) * nlm_symbols;
/* Lowest text and data VMA values. */
bfd_vma nlm_text_low;
bfd_vma nlm_data_low;
/* Caches for data read from object file. */
arelent * nlm_reloc_fixups;
asection ** nlm_reloc_fixup_secs;
/* Backend specific information. This should probably be a pointer,
but that would require yet another entry point to initialize the
structure. */
struct /* Alpha backend information. */
bfd_vma gp; /* GP value. */
bfd_vma lita_address; /* .lita section address. */
bfd_size_type lita_size; /* .lita section size. */
#define nlm_tdata(bfd) ((bfd) -> tdata.nlm_obj_data)
#define nlm_fixed_header(bfd) (nlm_tdata (bfd) -> nlm_fixed_hdr)
#define nlm_variable_header(bfd) (nlm_tdata (bfd) -> nlm_variable_hdr)
#define nlm_version_header(bfd) (nlm_tdata (bfd) -> nlm_version_hdr)
#define nlm_copyright_header(bfd) (nlm_tdata (bfd) -> nlm_copyright_hdr)
#define nlm_extended_header(bfd) (nlm_tdata (bfd) -> nlm_extended_hdr)
#define nlm_custom_header(bfd) (nlm_tdata (bfd) -> nlm_custom_hdr)
#define nlm_cygnus_ext_header(bfd) (nlm_tdata (bfd) -> nlm_cygnus_ext_hdr)
#define nlm_get_symbols(bfd) (nlm_tdata (bfd) -> nlm_symbols)
#define nlm_set_symbols(bfd, p) (nlm_tdata (bfd) -> nlm_symbols = (p))
#define nlm_set_text_low(bfd, i) (nlm_tdata (bfd) -> nlm_text_low = (i))
#define nlm_get_text_low(bfd) (nlm_tdata (bfd) -> nlm_text_low)
#define nlm_set_data_low(bfd, i) (nlm_tdata (bfd) -> nlm_data_low = (i))
#define nlm_get_data_low(bfd) (nlm_tdata (bfd) -> nlm_data_low)
#define nlm_relocation_fixups(bfd) (nlm_tdata (bfd) -> nlm_reloc_fixups)
#define nlm_relocation_fixup_secs(bfd) (nlm_tdata (bfd) -> nlm_reloc_fixup_secs)
#define nlm_alpha_backend_data(bfd) (&nlm_tdata (bfd) -> backend_data.alpha_backend_data)
/* This is used when writing out the external relocs. */
struct reloc_and_sec
arelent *rel;
asection *sec;
/* We store some function pointer in the backend structure. This lets
different NLM targets share most of the same code, while providing
slightly different code where necessary. */
struct nlm_backend_data
/* Signature for this backend. */
char signature[NLM_SIGNATURE_SIZE];
/* Size of the fixed header. */
bfd_size_type fixed_header_size;
/* Size of optional prefix for this backend. Some backend may
require this to be a function, but so far a constant is OK. This
is for a prefix which precedes the standard NLM fixed header. */
bfd_size_type optional_prefix_size;
/* Architecture. */
enum bfd_architecture arch;
/* Machine. */
unsigned int mach;
/* Some NLM formats do not use the uninitialized data section, so
all uninitialized data must be put into the regular data section
instead. */
bfd_boolean no_uninitialized_data;
/* Some NLM formats have a prefix on the file. If this function is
not NULL, it will be called by nlm_object_p. It should return
TRUE if this file could match this format, and it should leave
the BFD such that a bfd_bread will pick up the fixed header. */
bfd_boolean (*nlm_backend_object_p) (bfd *);
/* Write out the prefix. This function may be NULL. This must
write out the same number of bytes as is in the field
optional_prefix_size. */
bfd_boolean (*nlm_write_prefix) (bfd *);
/* Read a relocation fixup from abfd. The reloc information is
machine specific. The second argument is the symbol if this is
an import, or NULL if this is a reloc fixup. This function
should set the third argument to the section which the reloc
belongs in, and the fourth argument to the reloc itself; it does
not need to fill in the sym_ptr_ptr field for a reloc against an
import symbol. */
bfd_boolean (*nlm_read_reloc) (bfd *, nlmNAME (symbol_type) *, asection **, arelent *);
/* To make objcopy to an i386 NLM work, the i386 backend needs a
chance to work over the relocs. This is a bit icky. */
bfd_boolean (*nlm_mangle_relocs) (bfd *, asection *, const void *, bfd_vma, bfd_size_type);
/* Read an import record from abfd. It would be nice if this
were in a machine-dependent format, but it doesn't seem to be. */
bfd_boolean (*nlm_read_import) (bfd *, nlmNAME (symbol_type) *);
/* Write an import record to abfd. */
bfd_boolean (*nlm_write_import) (bfd *, asection *, arelent *);
/* Set the section for a public symbol. This may be NULL, in which
case a default method will be used. */
bfd_boolean (*nlm_set_public_section) (bfd *, nlmNAME (symbol_type) *);
/* Get the offset to write out for a public symbol. This may be
NULL, in which case a default method will be used. */
bfd_vma (*nlm_get_public_offset) (bfd *, asymbol *);
/* Swap the fixed header in and out */
void (*nlm_swap_fhdr_in) (bfd *, void *, Nlm_Internal_Fixed_Header *);
void (*nlm_swap_fhdr_out) (bfd *, struct nlm_internal_fixed_header *, void *);
/* Write out an external reference. */
bfd_boolean (*nlm_write_external) (bfd *, bfd_size_type, asymbol *, struct reloc_and_sec *);
bfd_boolean (*nlm_write_export) (bfd *, asymbol *, bfd_vma);
#define nlm_backend(bfd) ((struct nlm_backend_data *)((bfd) -> xvec -> backend_data))
#define nlm_signature(bfd) (nlm_backend (bfd) -> signature)
#define nlm_fixed_header_size(bfd) (nlm_backend (bfd) -> fixed_header_size)
#define nlm_optional_prefix_size(bfd) (nlm_backend (bfd) -> optional_prefix_size)
#define nlm_architecture(bfd) (nlm_backend (bfd) -> arch)
#define nlm_machine(bfd) (nlm_backend (bfd) -> mach)
#define nlm_no_uninitialized_data(bfd) (nlm_backend (bfd) -> no_uninitialized_data)
#define nlm_backend_object_p_func(bfd) (nlm_backend (bfd) -> nlm_backend_object_p)
#define nlm_write_prefix_func(bfd) (nlm_backend (bfd) -> nlm_write_prefix)
#define nlm_read_reloc_func(bfd) (nlm_backend (bfd) -> nlm_read_reloc)
#define nlm_mangle_relocs_func(bfd) (nlm_backend (bfd) -> nlm_mangle_relocs)
#define nlm_read_import_func(bfd) (nlm_backend (bfd) -> nlm_read_import)
#define nlm_write_import_func(bfd) (nlm_backend (bfd) -> nlm_write_import)
#define nlm_set_public_section_func(bfd) (nlm_backend (bfd) -> nlm_set_public_section)
#define nlm_get_public_offset_func(bfd) (nlm_backend (bfd) -> nlm_get_public_offset)
#define nlm_swap_fixed_header_in_func(bfd) (nlm_backend (bfd) -> nlm_swap_fhdr_in)
#define nlm_swap_fixed_header_out_func(bfd)(nlm_backend (bfd) -> nlm_swap_fhdr_out)
#define nlm_write_external_func(bfd) (nlm_backend (bfd) -> nlm_write_external)
#define nlm_write_export_func(bfd) (nlm_backend (bfd) -> nlm_write_export)
/* The NLM code, data, and uninitialized sections have no names defined
in the NLM, but bfd wants to give them names, so use the traditional
UNIX names. */
#define NLM_CODE_NAME ".text"
#endif /* _LIBNLM_H_ */