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* Include file private to the SOC Interconnect support files.
* Copyright 1999-2016, Broadcom Corporation
* All rights reserved,
* Redistribution and use in source and binary forms, with or without modification,
* are permitted provided that the following conditions are met:
* 1. Redistributions of source code must retain the above copyright notice,
* this list of conditions and the following disclaimer.
* 2. Redistributions in binary form must reproduce the above copyright notice,
* this list of conditions and the following disclaimer in the documentation
* and/or other materials provided with the distribution.
* This software is provided by the copyright holder "as is" and any express or
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* in any way out of the use of this software, even if advised of the possibility
* of such damage
* <<Broadcom-WL-IPTag/Open:>>
* $Id: siutils_priv.h 520760 2014-12-15 00:54:16Z $
#ifndef _siutils_priv_h_
#define _siutils_priv_h_
#define SI_ERROR(args) printf args
#define SI_MSG(args)
#ifdef BCMDBG_SI
#define SI_VMSG(args) printf args
#define SI_VMSG(args)
#define IS_SIM(chippkg) ((chippkg == HDLSIM_PKG_ID) || (chippkg == HWSIM_PKG_ID))
typedef uint32 (*si_intrsoff_t)(void *intr_arg);
typedef void (*si_intrsrestore_t)(void *intr_arg, uint32 arg);
typedef bool (*si_intrsenabled_t)(void *intr_arg);
#define SI_GPIO_MAX 16
typedef struct gci_gpio_item {
void *arg;
uint8 gci_gpio;
uint8 status;
gci_gpio_handler_t handler;
struct gci_gpio_item *next;
} gci_gpio_item_t;
typedef struct si_cores_info {
void *regs[SI_MAXCORES]; /* other regs va */
uint coreid[SI_MAXCORES]; /* id of each core */
uint32 coresba[SI_MAXCORES]; /* backplane address of each core */
void *regs2[SI_MAXCORES]; /* va of each core second register set (usbh20) */
uint32 coresba2[SI_MAXCORES]; /* address of each core second register set (usbh20) */
uint32 coresba_size[SI_MAXCORES]; /* backplane address space size */
uint32 coresba2_size[SI_MAXCORES]; /* second address space size */
void *wrappers[SI_MAXCORES]; /* other cores wrapper va */
uint32 wrapba[SI_MAXCORES]; /* address of controlling wrapper */
void *wrappers2[SI_MAXCORES]; /* other cores wrapper va */
uint32 wrapba2[SI_MAXCORES]; /* address of controlling wrapper */
uint32 cia[SI_MAXCORES]; /* erom cia entry for each core */
uint32 cib[SI_MAXCORES]; /* erom cia entry for each core */
} si_cores_info_t;
/* misc si info needed by some of the routines */
typedef struct si_info {
struct si_pub pub; /* back plane public state (must be first field) */
void *osh; /* osl os handle */
void *sdh; /* bcmsdh handle */
uint dev_coreid; /* the core provides driver functions */
void *intr_arg; /* interrupt callback function arg */
si_intrsoff_t intrsoff_fn; /* turns chip interrupts off */
si_intrsrestore_t intrsrestore_fn; /* restore chip interrupts */
si_intrsenabled_t intrsenabled_fn; /* check if interrupts are enabled */
void *pch; /* PCI/E core handle */
bool memseg; /* flag to toggle MEM_SEG register */
char *vars;
uint varsz;
void *curmap; /* current regs va */
uint curidx; /* current core index */
uint numcores; /* # discovered cores */
void *curwrap; /* current wrapper va */
uint32 oob_router; /* oob router registers for axi */
void *cores_info;
gci_gpio_item_t *gci_gpio_head; /* gci gpio interrupts head */
uint chipnew; /* new chip number */
uint second_bar0win; /* Backplane region */
uint num_br; /* # discovered bridges */
uint32 br_wrapba[SI_MAXBR]; /* address of bridge controlling wrapper */
uint32 xtalfreq;
} si_info_t;
#define SI_INFO(sih) ((si_info_t *)(uintptr)sih)
#define GOODCOREADDR(x, b) (((x) >= (b)) && ((x) < ((b) + SI_MAXCORES * SI_CORE_SIZE)) && \
#define GOODREGS(regs) ((regs) != NULL && ISALIGNED((uintptr)(regs), SI_CORE_SIZE))
#define GOODIDX(idx) (((uint)idx) < SI_MAXCORES)
#define NOREV -1 /* Invalid rev */
#define PCI(si) ((BUSTYPE((si)->pub.bustype) == PCI_BUS) && \
((si)->pub.buscoretype == PCI_CORE_ID))
#define PCIE_GEN1(si) ((BUSTYPE((si)->pub.bustype) == PCI_BUS) && \
((si)->pub.buscoretype == PCIE_CORE_ID))
#define PCIE_GEN2(si) ((BUSTYPE((si)->pub.bustype) == PCI_BUS) && \
((si)->pub.buscoretype == PCIE2_CORE_ID))
#define PCIE(si) (PCIE_GEN1(si) || PCIE_GEN2(si))
#define PCMCIA(si) ((BUSTYPE((si)->pub.bustype) == PCMCIA_BUS) && ((si)->memseg == TRUE))
/* Newer chips can access PCI/PCIE and CC core without requiring to change
#define SI_FAST(si) (PCIE(si) || (PCI(si) && ((si)->pub.buscorerev >= 13)))
#define PCIEREGS(si) (((char *)((si)->curmap) + PCI_16KB0_PCIREGS_OFFSET))
#define CCREGS_FAST(si) (((char *)((si)->curmap) + PCI_16KB0_CCREGS_OFFSET))
* Macros to disable/restore function core(D11, ENET, ILINE20, etc) interrupts before/
* after core switching to avoid invalid register accesss inside ISR.
#define INTR_OFF(si, intr_val) \
if ((si)->intrsoff_fn && (cores_info)->coreid[(si)->curidx] == (si)->dev_coreid) { \
intr_val = (*(si)->intrsoff_fn)((si)->intr_arg); }
#define INTR_RESTORE(si, intr_val) \
if ((si)->intrsrestore_fn && (cores_info)->coreid[(si)->curidx] == (si)->dev_coreid) { \
(*(si)->intrsrestore_fn)((si)->intr_arg, intr_val); }
/* dynamic clock control defines */
#define LPOMINFREQ 25000 /* low power oscillator min */
#define LPOMAXFREQ 43000 /* low power oscillator max */
#define XTALMINFREQ 19800000 /* 20 MHz - 1% */
#define XTALMAXFREQ 20200000 /* 20 MHz + 1% */
#define PCIMINFREQ 25000000 /* 25 MHz */
#define PCIMAXFREQ 34000000 /* 33 MHz + fudge */
#define ILP_DIV_5MHZ 0 /* ILP = 5 MHz */
#define ILP_DIV_1MHZ 4 /* ILP = 1 MHz */
/* Force fast clock for 4360b0 */
#define PCI_FORCEHT(si) \
(((PCIE_GEN1(si)) && (CHIPID(si->pub.chip) == BCM4311_CHIP_ID) && \
((CHIPREV(si->pub.chiprev) <= 1))) || \
((PCI(si) || PCIE_GEN1(si)) && (CHIPID(si->pub.chip) == BCM4321_CHIP_ID)) || \
(PCIE_GEN1(si) && (CHIPID(si->pub.chip) == BCM4716_CHIP_ID)) || \
(PCIE_GEN1(si) && (CHIPID(si->pub.chip) == BCM4748_CHIP_ID)))
/* GPIO Based LED powersave defines */
#define DEFAULT_GPIO_ONTIME 10 /* Default: 10% on */
#define DEFAULT_GPIO_OFFTIME 90 /* Default: 10% on */
/* Silicon Backplane externs */
extern void sb_scan(si_t *sih, void *regs, uint devid);
extern uint sb_coreid(si_t *sih);
extern uint sb_intflag(si_t *sih);
extern uint sb_flag(si_t *sih);
extern void sb_setint(si_t *sih, int siflag);
extern uint sb_corevendor(si_t *sih);
extern uint sb_corerev(si_t *sih);
extern uint sb_corereg(si_t *sih, uint coreidx, uint regoff, uint mask, uint val);
extern uint32 *sb_corereg_addr(si_t *sih, uint coreidx, uint regoff);
extern bool sb_iscoreup(si_t *sih);
extern void *sb_setcoreidx(si_t *sih, uint coreidx);
extern uint32 sb_core_cflags(si_t *sih, uint32 mask, uint32 val);
extern void sb_core_cflags_wo(si_t *sih, uint32 mask, uint32 val);
extern uint32 sb_core_sflags(si_t *sih, uint32 mask, uint32 val);
extern void sb_commit(si_t *sih);
extern uint32 sb_base(uint32 admatch);
extern uint32 sb_size(uint32 admatch);
extern void sb_core_reset(si_t *sih, uint32 bits, uint32 resetbits);
extern void sb_core_disable(si_t *sih, uint32 bits);
extern uint32 sb_addrspace(si_t *sih, uint asidx);
extern uint32 sb_addrspacesize(si_t *sih, uint asidx);
extern int sb_numaddrspaces(si_t *sih);
extern uint32 sb_set_initiator_to(si_t *sih, uint32 to, uint idx);
extern bool sb_taclear(si_t *sih, bool details);
#if defined(BCMDBG_PHYDUMP)
extern void sb_dumpregs(si_t *sih, struct bcmstrbuf *b);
/* Wake-on-wireless-LAN (WOWL) */
extern bool sb_pci_pmecap(si_t *sih);
struct osl_info;
extern bool sb_pci_fastpmecap(struct osl_info *osh);
extern bool sb_pci_pmeclr(si_t *sih);
extern void sb_pci_pmeen(si_t *sih);
extern uint sb_pcie_readreg(void *sih, uint addrtype, uint offset);
/* AMBA Interconnect exported externs */
extern si_t *ai_attach(uint pcidev, osl_t *osh, void *regs, uint bustype,
void *sdh, char **vars, uint *varsz);
extern si_t *ai_kattach(osl_t *osh);
extern void ai_scan(si_t *sih, void *regs, uint devid);
extern uint ai_flag(si_t *sih);
extern uint ai_flag_alt(si_t *sih);
extern void ai_setint(si_t *sih, int siflag);
extern uint ai_coreidx(si_t *sih);
extern uint ai_corevendor(si_t *sih);
extern uint ai_corerev(si_t *sih);
extern uint32 *ai_corereg_addr(si_t *sih, uint coreidx, uint regoff);
extern bool ai_iscoreup(si_t *sih);
extern void *ai_setcoreidx(si_t *sih, uint coreidx);
extern void *ai_setcoreidx_2ndwrap(si_t *sih, uint coreidx);
extern uint32 ai_core_cflags(si_t *sih, uint32 mask, uint32 val);
extern void ai_core_cflags_wo(si_t *sih, uint32 mask, uint32 val);
extern uint32 ai_core_sflags(si_t *sih, uint32 mask, uint32 val);
extern uint ai_corereg(si_t *sih, uint coreidx, uint regoff, uint mask, uint val);
extern void ai_core_reset(si_t *sih, uint32 bits, uint32 resetbits);
extern void ai_d11rsdb_core_reset(si_t *sih, uint32 bits,
uint32 resetbits, void *p, void *s);
extern void ai_d11rsdb_core1_alt_reg_clk_en(si_t *sih);
extern void ai_d11rsdb_core1_alt_reg_clk_dis(si_t *sih);
extern void ai_core_disable(si_t *sih, uint32 bits);
extern void ai_d11rsdb_core_disable(const si_info_t *sii, uint32 bits,
aidmp_t *pmacai, aidmp_t *smacai);
extern int ai_numaddrspaces(si_t *sih);
extern uint32 ai_addrspace(si_t *sih, uint asidx);
extern uint32 ai_addrspacesize(si_t *sih, uint asidx);
extern void ai_coreaddrspaceX(si_t *sih, uint asidx, uint32 *addr, uint32 *size);
extern uint ai_wrap_reg(si_t *sih, uint32 offset, uint32 mask, uint32 val);
extern void ai_enable_backplane_timeouts(si_t *sih);
extern void ai_clear_backplane_to(si_t *sih);
#if defined(BCMDBG_PHYDUMP)
extern void ai_dumpregs(si_t *sih, struct bcmstrbuf *b);
#define ub_scan(a, b, c) do {} while (0)
#define ub_flag(a) (0)
#define ub_setint(a, b) do {} while (0)
#define ub_coreidx(a) (0)
#define ub_corevendor(a) (0)
#define ub_corerev(a) (0)
#define ub_iscoreup(a) (0)
#define ub_setcoreidx(a, b) (0)
#define ub_core_cflags(a, b, c) (0)
#define ub_core_cflags_wo(a, b, c) do {} while (0)
#define ub_core_sflags(a, b, c) (0)
#define ub_corereg(a, b, c, d, e) (0)
#define ub_core_reset(a, b, c) do {} while (0)
#define ub_core_disable(a, b) do {} while (0)
#define ub_numaddrspaces(a) (0)
#define ub_addrspace(a, b) (0)
#define ub_addrspacesize(a, b) (0)
#define ub_view(a, b) do {} while (0)
#define ub_dumpregs(a, b) do {} while (0)
#endif /* _siutils_priv_h_ */