Avoid get same timestamps in log testcase

for arm64, userspace get time by vDSO, no syscall overhead.
multiple_test_2 sometimes get 2 same timestamps now, then testcase

Bug: b/135555666
Test: ./CtsLogdTestCases64 --gtest_filter=*multiple_test*
Merged-In: Ic8a0ab6f571df1487fe5fb4e5f07dc612af69001
Change-Id: I83f8beae168f397a347972c5e60de86d16c8f7c6
diff --git a/logd/tests/logd_test.cpp b/logd/tests/logd_test.cpp
index 447b067..b6c33d7 100644
--- a/logd/tests/logd_test.cpp
+++ b/logd/tests/logd_test.cpp
@@ -952,7 +952,7 @@
 void __android_log_btwrite_multiple__helper(int count) {
 #ifdef __ANDROID__
     log_time ts(CLOCK_MONOTONIC);
+    usleep(100);
     log_time ts1(CLOCK_MONOTONIC);
     // We fork to create a unique pid for the submitted log messages