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ndk_headers {
name: "libsync_headers",
from: "include/ndk",
to: "android",
srcs: ["include/ndk/sync.h"],
license: "NOTICE",
ndk_library {
name: "libsync",
symbol_file: "",
first_version: "26",
cc_defaults {
name: "libsync_defaults",
srcs: ["sync.c"],
local_include_dirs: ["include"],
export_include_dirs: ["include"],
cflags: ["-Werror"],
cc_library_shared {
name: "libsync",
vendor_available: true,
defaults: ["libsync_defaults"],
// libsync_recovery is only intended for the recovery binary.
// Future versions of the kernel WILL require an updated libsync, and will break
// anything statically linked against the current libsync.
cc_library_static {
name: "libsync_recovery",
defaults: ["libsync_defaults"],
cc_test {
name: "sync_test",
defaults: ["libsync_defaults"],
gtest: false,
srcs: ["sync_test.c"],
cc_test {
name: "sync-unit-tests",
shared_libs: ["libsync"],
srcs: ["tests/sync_test.cpp"],
cflags: [
clang: true,