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* Copyright (C) 2007 The Android Open Source Project
* Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License");
* you may not use this file except in compliance with the License.
* You may obtain a copy of the License at
* Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software
* distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS,
* See the License for the specific language governing permissions and
* limitations under the License.
#ifndef _INIT_INIT_H
#define _INIT_INIT_H
int mtd_name_to_number(const char *name);
void handle_control_message(const char *msg, const char *arg);
int create_socket(const char *name, int type, mode_t perm,
uid_t uid, gid_t gid);
void *read_file(const char *fn, unsigned *_sz);
void log_init(void);
void log_set_level(int level);
void log_close(void);
void log_write(int level, const char *fmt, ...)
__attribute__ ((format(printf, 2, 3)));
#define ERROR(x...) log_write(3, "<3>init: " x)
#define NOTICE(x...) log_write(5, "<5>init: " x)
#define INFO(x...) log_write(6, "<6>init: " x)
#define LOG_DEFAULT_LEVEL 3 /* messages <= this level are logged */
#define LOG_UEVENTS 0 /* log uevent messages if 1. verbose */
unsigned int decode_uid(const char *s);
struct listnode
struct listnode *next;
struct listnode *prev;
#define node_to_item(node, container, member) \
(container *) (((char*) (node)) - offsetof(container, member))
#define list_declare(name) \
struct listnode name = { \
.next = &name, \
.prev = &name, \
#define list_for_each(node, list) \
for (node = (list)->next; node != (list); node = node->next)
void list_init(struct listnode *list);
void list_add_tail(struct listnode *list, struct listnode *item);
void list_remove(struct listnode *item);
#define list_empty(list) ((list) == (list)->next)
#define list_head(list) ((list)->next)
#define list_tail(list) ((list)->prev)
struct command
/* list of commands in an action */
struct listnode clist;
int (*func)(int nargs, char **args);
int nargs;
char *args[1];
struct action {
/* node in list of all actions */
struct listnode alist;
/* node in the queue of pending actions */
struct listnode qlist;
/* node in list of actions for a trigger */
struct listnode tlist;
unsigned hash;
const char *name;
struct listnode commands;
struct command *current;
struct socketinfo {
struct socketinfo *next;
const char *name;
const char *type;
uid_t uid;
gid_t gid;
int perm;
struct svcenvinfo {
struct svcenvinfo *next;
const char *name;
const char *value;
#define SVC_DISABLED 0x01 /* do not autostart with class */
#define SVC_ONESHOT 0x02 /* do not restart on exit */
#define SVC_RUNNING 0x04 /* currently active */
#define SVC_RESTARTING 0x08 /* waiting to restart */
#define SVC_CONSOLE 0x10 /* requires console */
#define SVC_CRITICAL 0x20 /* will reboot into recovery if keeps crashing */
#define NR_SVC_SUPP_GIDS 6 /* six supplementary groups */
#define SVC_MAXARGS 64
struct service {
/* list of all services */
struct listnode slist;
const char *name;
const char *classname;
unsigned flags;
pid_t pid;
time_t time_started; /* time of last start */
time_t time_crashed; /* first crash within inspection window */
int nr_crashed; /* number of times crashed within window */
uid_t uid;
gid_t gid;
gid_t supp_gids[NR_SVC_SUPP_GIDS];
size_t nr_supp_gids;
struct socketinfo *sockets;
struct svcenvinfo *envvars;
struct action onrestart; /* Actions to execute on restart. */
/* keycodes for triggering this service via /dev/keychord */
int *keycodes;
int nkeycodes;
int keychord_id;
int nargs;
char *args[1];
}; /* ^-------'args' MUST be at the end of this struct! */
int parse_config_file(const char *fn);
struct service *service_find_by_name(const char *name);
struct service *service_find_by_pid(pid_t pid);
struct service *service_find_by_keychord(int keychord_id);
void service_for_each(void (*func)(struct service *svc));
void service_for_each_class(const char *classname,
void (*func)(struct service *svc));
void service_for_each_flags(unsigned matchflags,
void (*func)(struct service *svc));
void service_stop(struct service *svc);
void service_start(struct service *svc, const char *dynamic_args);
void property_changed(const char *name, const char *value);
struct action *action_remove_queue_head(void);
void action_add_queue_tail(struct action *act);
void action_for_each_trigger(const char *trigger,
void (*func)(struct action *act));
void queue_property_triggers(const char *name, const char *value);
void queue_all_property_triggers();
#define INIT_IMAGE_FILE "/initlogo.rle"
int load_565rle_image( char *file_name );
#endif /* _INIT_INIT_H */