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# init scriptures for logcatd persistent logging.
# Make sure any property changes are only performed with /data mounted, after
# post-fs-data state because otherwise behavior is undefined. The exceptions
# are device adjustments for logcatd service properties (persist.* overrides
# notwithstanding) for logd.logpersistd.size and logd.logpersistd.buffer.
# persist to non-persistent trampolines to permit device properties can be
# overridden when /data mounts, or during runtime.
on property:persist.logd.logpersistd.size=256
setprop persist.logd.logpersistd.size ""
setprop logd.logpersistd.size ""
on property:persist.logd.logpersistd.size=*
# expect /init to report failure if property empty (default)
setprop logd.logpersistd.size ${persist.logd.logpersistd.size}
on property:persist.logd.logpersistd.buffer=all
setprop persist.logd.logpersistd.buffer ""
setprop logd.logpersistd.buffer ""
on property:persist.logd.logpersistd.buffer=*
# expect /init to report failure if property empty (default)
setprop logd.logpersistd.buffer ${persist.logd.logpersistd.buffer}
on property:persist.logd.logpersistd=logcatd
setprop logd.logpersistd logcatd
# enable, prep and start logcatd service
on load_persist_props_action
setprop logd.logpersistd.enable true
on property:logd.logpersistd.enable=true && property:logd.logpersistd=logcatd
# all exec/services are called with umask(077), so no gain beyond 0700
mkdir /data/misc/logd 0700 logd log
start logcatd
# stop logcatd service and clear data
on property:logd.logpersistd.enable=true && property:logd.logpersistd=clear
setprop persist.logd.logpersistd ""
stop logcatd
# logd for clear of only our files in /data/misc/logd
exec - logd log -- /system/bin/logcat -c -f /data/misc/logd/logcat -n ${logd.logpersistd.size:-256}
setprop logd.logpersistd ""
# stop logcatd service
on property:logd.logpersistd=stop
setprop persist.logd.logpersistd ""
stop logcatd
setprop logd.logpersistd ""
on property:logd.logpersistd.enable=false
stop logcatd
# logcatd service
service logcatd /system/bin/logcatd -L -b ${logd.logpersistd.buffer:-all} -v threadtime -v usec -v printable -D -f /data/misc/logd/logcat -r 1024 -n ${logd.logpersistd.size:-256} --id=${}
class late_start
# logd for write to /data/misc/logd, log group for read from log daemon
user logd
group log
writepid /dev/cpuset/system-background/tasks
oom_score_adjust -600