Sample service for testing

This is a sample service that can be used for testing init.


The service includes a .rc file that allows starting it from init.

service test_service /system/bin/test_service CapAmb 0000000000003000
    class main
    user system
    group system
    capabilities NET_ADMIN NET_RAW

The service accepts any even number of arguments on the command line (i.e. any number of pairs of arguments.) It will attempt to find the first element of each pair of arguments in /proc/self/status, and attempt to exactly match the second element of the pair to the relevant line of proc/self/status.


In the above case, the service will look for lines containing CapAmb:

cat /proc/self/status
CapAmb:	0000000000003000

And then attempt to exactly match the token after :, 0000000000003000, with the command-line argument. If they match, the service exits successfully. If not, the service will exit with an error.


mmma -j <jobs> system/core/init/testservice
adb root
adb remount
adb sync
adb reboot
adb root
adb shell start test_service
adb logcat -b all -d | grep test_service

Look for an exit status of 0.