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  3. ab222c6 audio: Allow onError callback in any state by Mikhail Naganov · 34 hours ago
  4. 0c44786 Add host_supported to VHAL libs. by Yu Shan · 8 days ago
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  6. fe49375 Initialize mAddExtraTestVendorConfigs to false. by Yu Shan · 7 days ago
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  9. 4fe8021 bluetooth: Add 'defaults' for 'android_hardware_bluetooth_audio' by Mikhail Naganov · 6 days ago
  10. c7897c3 Thread: simulate radio over Ethernet on Cuttlefish by Yakun Xu · 3 weeks ago
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  13. 46ff286 Run VtsHalRemotelyProvisionedComponentTargetTest only on V+ devices by Alice Wang · 9 days ago
  14. ca3ea11 Delete standard output in VtsAidlKeyMintTargetTest by Huang Rui · 12 days ago
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