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Repro steps:
build, install and run the attached test program TestViewport.apk
Run on Sapphire with Froyo.
The program clears the screen to blue, then draws a full screen white quad that
is alligned to the screen.
(Therefore the whole screen should appear to be white.)
Note that screen is all white.
Rotate screen 90 degrees.
Expected: screen is still all white.
Actual: screen is blue with offset white rectangle.
This bug only happens on Sapphire, it works correctly on Passion.
What happens:
I think the bug is that the gl.glViewport() call in onSurfaceChanged() is
being ignored by the OpenGL driver.
NOTE: If a gl.glViewport call is added at the beginning of the onDrawFrame()
call (which means it is called before every draw), the program runs correctly.