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// This header is shared by VrCore and Android and must be kept in sync.
#include <stdint.h>
#include <sys/cdefs.h>
// This is a shared memory buffer for passing config data from VrCore to
// libvrflinger in SurfaceFlinger.
struct __attribute__((packed, aligned(16))) DvrConfig {
// Offset before vsync to submit frames to hardware composer.
int32_t frame_post_offset_ns{4000000};
// If the number of pending fences goes over this count at the point when we
// are about to submit a new frame to HWC, we will drop the frame. This
// should be a signal that the display driver has begun queuing frames. Note
// that with smart displays (with RAM), the fence is signaled earlier than
// the next vsync, at the point when the DMA to the display completes.
// Currently we use a smart display and the EDS timing coincides with zero
// pending fences, so this is 0.
int32_t allowed_pending_fence_count{0};
// New fields should always be added to the end for backwards compat.
// Reserved padding to 16 bytes.
uint8_t pad[8];