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* Copyright (C) 2007 The Android Open Source Project
* Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License");
* you may not use this file except in compliance with the License.
* You may obtain a copy of the License at
* Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software
* distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS,
* See the License for the specific language governing permissions and
* limitations under the License.
#include <stdint.h>
#include <sys/types.h>
#include <utils/KeyedVector.h>
#include <utils/RefBase.h>
#include <utils/threads.h>
#include <ui/PixelFormat.h>
#include <ui/Region.h>
#include <gui/SurfaceTextureClient.h>
#include <gui/ISurface.h>
#include <gui/ISurfaceComposerClient.h>
#define ANDROID_VIEW_SURFACE_JNI_ID "mNativeSurface"
namespace android {
// ---------------------------------------------------------------------------
class ISurfaceTexture;
class Surface;
class SurfaceComposerClient;
// ---------------------------------------------------------------------------
class SurfaceControl : public RefBase
static bool isValid(const sp<SurfaceControl>& surface) {
return (surface != 0) && surface->isValid();
bool isValid() {
return mToken>=0 && mClient!=0;
static bool isSameSurface(
const sp<SurfaceControl>& lhs, const sp<SurfaceControl>& rhs);
uint32_t getIdentity() const { return mIdentity; }
// release surface data from java
void clear();
status_t setLayerStack(int32_t layerStack);
status_t setLayer(int32_t layer);
status_t setPosition(int32_t x, int32_t y);
status_t setSize(uint32_t w, uint32_t h);
status_t hide();
status_t show();
status_t setFlags(uint32_t flags, uint32_t mask);
status_t setTransparentRegionHint(const Region& transparent);
status_t setAlpha(float alpha=1.0f);
status_t setMatrix(float dsdx, float dtdx, float dsdy, float dtdy);
status_t setCrop(const Rect& crop);
static status_t writeSurfaceToParcel(
const sp<SurfaceControl>& control, Parcel* parcel);
sp<Surface> getSurface() const;
// can't be copied
SurfaceControl& operator = (SurfaceControl& rhs);
SurfaceControl(const SurfaceControl& rhs);
friend class SurfaceComposerClient;
friend class Surface;
const sp<SurfaceComposerClient>& client,
const sp<ISurface>& surface,
const ISurfaceComposerClient::surface_data_t& data);
status_t validate() const;
void destroy();
sp<SurfaceComposerClient> mClient;
sp<ISurface> mSurface;
SurfaceID mToken;
uint32_t mIdentity;
mutable Mutex mLock;
mutable sp<Surface> mSurfaceData;
// ---------------------------------------------------------------------------
class Surface : public SurfaceTextureClient
struct SurfaceInfo {
uint32_t w;
uint32_t h;
uint32_t s;
uint32_t usage;
PixelFormat format;
void* bits;
uint32_t reserved[2];
explicit Surface(const sp<ISurfaceTexture>& st);
static status_t writeToParcel(const sp<Surface>& control, Parcel* parcel);
static sp<Surface> readFromParcel(const Parcel& data);
static bool isValid(const sp<Surface>& surface) {
return (surface != 0) && surface->isValid();
bool isValid();
uint32_t getIdentity() const { return mIdentity; }
sp<ISurfaceTexture> getSurfaceTexture();
// the lock/unlock APIs must be used from the same thread
status_t lock(SurfaceInfo* info, Region* dirty = NULL);
status_t unlockAndPost();
sp<IBinder> asBinder() const;
// this is just to be able to write some unit tests
friend class Test;
friend class SurfaceControl;
// can't be copied
Surface& operator = (Surface& rhs);
Surface(const Surface& rhs);
explicit Surface(const sp<SurfaceControl>& control);
Surface(const Parcel& data, const sp<IBinder>& ref);
* private stuff...
void init(const sp<ISurfaceTexture>& surfaceTexture);
static void cleanCachedSurfacesLocked();
virtual int query(int what, int* value) const;
// constants
sp<ISurface> mSurface;
uint32_t mIdentity;
// A cache of Surface objects that have been deserialized into this process.
static Mutex sCachedSurfacesLock;
static DefaultKeyedVector<wp<IBinder>, wp<Surface> > sCachedSurfaces;
}; // namespace android