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* Copyright (C) 2017 The Android Open Source Project
* Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License");
* you may not use this file except in compliance with the License.
* You may obtain a copy of the License at
* Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software
* distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS,
* See the License for the specific language governing permissions and
* limitations under the License.
#pragma once
#include <getopt.h>
#include <stdint.h>
#include <fstream>
#include <string>
#include <vector>
#include <android-base/macros.h>
#include <android/hidl/manager/1.0/IServiceManager.h>
#include <hidl-util/FqInstance.h>
#include <vintf/HalManifest.h>
#include <vintf/VintfObject.h>
#include "Command.h"
#include "NullableOStream.h"
#include "TableEntry.h"
#include "TextTable.h"
#include "utils.h"
namespace android {
namespace lshal {
class Lshal;
struct PidInfo {
std::map<uint64_t, Pids> refPids; // pids that are referenced
uint32_t threadUsage; // number of threads in use
uint32_t threadCount; // number of threads total
enum class HalType {
class ListCommand : public Command {
explicit ListCommand(Lshal &lshal) : Command(lshal) {}
virtual ~ListCommand() = default;
Status main(const Arg &arg) override;
void usage() const override;
std::string getSimpleDescription() const override;
std::string getName() const override { return GetName(); }
static std::string GetName();
struct RegisteredOption {
// short alternative, e.g. 'v'. If '\0', no short options is available.
char shortOption;
// long alternative, e.g. 'init-vintf'
std::string longOption;
// no_argument, required_argument or optional_argument
int hasArg;
// value written to 'flag' by getopt_long
int val;
// operation when the argument is present
std::function<Status(ListCommand* thiz, const char* arg)> op;
// help message
std::string help;
const std::string& getHelpMessageForArgument() const;
// A list of acceptable command line options
// key: value returned by getopt_long
using RegisteredOptions = std::vector<RegisteredOption>;
static std::string INIT_VINTF_NOTES;
Status parseArgs(const Arg &arg);
// Retrieve first-hand information
Status fetch();
// Retrieve derived information base on existing table
virtual void postprocess();
Status dump();
void putEntry(HalType type, TableEntry &&entry);
Status fetchPassthrough(const sp<::android::hidl::manager::V1_0::IServiceManager> &manager);
Status fetchBinderized(const sp<::android::hidl::manager::V1_0::IServiceManager> &manager);
Status fetchAllLibraries(const sp<::android::hidl::manager::V1_0::IServiceManager> &manager);
Status fetchManifestHals();
Status fetchLazyHals();
Status fetchBinderizedEntry(const sp<::android::hidl::manager::V1_0::IServiceManager> &manager,
TableEntry *entry);
// Get relevant information for a PID by parsing files under
// /dev/binderfs/binder_logs or /d/binder.
// It is a virtual member function so that it can be mocked.
virtual bool getPidInfo(pid_t serverPid, PidInfo *info) const;
// Retrieve from mCachedPidInfos and call getPidInfo if necessary.
const PidInfo* getPidInfoCached(pid_t serverPid);
void dumpTable(const NullableOStream<std::ostream>& out) const;
void dumpVintf(const NullableOStream<std::ostream>& out) const;
void addLine(TextTable *table, const std::string &interfaceName, const std::string &transport,
const std::string &arch, const std::string &threadUsage, const std::string &server,
const std::string &serverCmdline, const std::string &address,
const std::string &clients, const std::string &clientCmdlines) const;
void addLine(TextTable *table, const TableEntry &entry);
// Read and return /proc/{pid}/cmdline.
virtual std::string parseCmdline(pid_t pid) const;
// Return /proc/{pid}/cmdline if it exists, else empty string.
const std::string& getCmdline(pid_t pid);
// Call getCmdline on all pid in pids. If it returns empty string, the process might
// have died, and the pid is removed from pids.
void removeDeadProcesses(Pids *pids);
virtual Partition getPartition(pid_t pid);
Partition resolvePartition(Partition processPartition, const FqInstance &fqInstance) const;
VintfInfo getVintfInfo(const std::string &fqInstanceName, vintf::TransportArch ta) const;
// Allow to mock these functions for testing.
virtual std::shared_ptr<const vintf::HalManifest> getDeviceManifest() const;
virtual std::shared_ptr<const vintf::CompatibilityMatrix> getDeviceMatrix() const;
virtual std::shared_ptr<const vintf::HalManifest> getFrameworkManifest() const;
virtual std::shared_ptr<const vintf::CompatibilityMatrix> getFrameworkMatrix() const;
void forEachTable(const std::function<void(Table &)> &f);
void forEachTable(const std::function<void(const Table &)> &f) const;
Table* tableForType(HalType type);
const Table* tableForType(HalType type) const;
NullableOStream<std::ostream> err() const;
NullableOStream<std::ostream> out() const;
void registerAllOptions();
// helper functions to dumpVintf.
bool addEntryWithInstance(const TableEntry &entry, vintf::HalManifest *manifest) const;
bool addEntryWithoutInstance(const TableEntry &entry, const vintf::HalManifest *manifest) const;
// Helper function. Whether to fetch entries corresponding to a given HAL type.
bool shouldFetchHalType(const HalType &type) const;
void initFetchTypes();
// Helper functions ti add HALs that are listed in VINTF manifest to LAZY_HALS table.
bool hasHwbinderEntry(const TableEntry& entry) const;
bool hasPassthroughEntry(const TableEntry& entry) const;
Table mServicesTable{};
Table mPassthroughRefTable{};
Table mImplementationsTable{};
Table mManifestHalsTable{};
Table mLazyHalsTable{};
std::string mFileOutputPath;
TableEntryCompare mSortColumn = nullptr;
bool mEmitDebugInfo = false;
// If true, output in VINTF format. Output only entries from the specified partition.
bool mVintf = false;
Partition mVintfPartition = Partition::UNKNOWN;
// If true, explanatory text are not emitted.
bool mNeat = false;
// Type(s) of HAL associations to list.
std::vector<HalType> mListTypes{};
// Type(s) of HAL associations to fetch.
std::set<HalType> mFetchTypes{};
// If an entry does not exist, need to ask /proc/{pid}/cmdline to get it.
// If an entry exist but is an empty string, process might have died.
// If an entry exist and not empty, it contains the cached content of /proc/{pid}/cmdline.
std::map<pid_t, std::string> mCmdlines;
// Cache for getPidInfo.
std::map<pid_t, PidInfo> mCachedPidInfos;
// Cache for getPartition.
std::map<pid_t, Partition> mPartitions;
RegisteredOptions mOptions;
// All selected columns
std::vector<TableColumnType> mSelectedColumns;
// If true, emit cmdlines instead of PIDs
bool mEnableCmdlines = false;
} // namespace lshal
} // namespace android