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bugreportz protocol

bugreportz is used to generate a zippped bugreport whose path is passed back to adb, using the simple protocol defined below.

Version 1.1

On version 1.1, in addition to the OK and FAILURE lines, when bugreportz is invoked with -p, it outputs the following lines:

  • BEGIN:<path_to_bugreport_file> right away.
  • PROGRESS:<progress>/<total> as dumpstate progresses (where <progress> is the current progress units out of a max of <total>).

Version 1.0

On version 1.0, bugreportz does not generate any output on stdout until the bugreport is finished, when it then prints one line with the result:

  • OK:<path_to_bugreport_file> in case of success.
  • FAIL:<error message> in case of failure.