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#include <cstddef>
#include <tuple>
#include <type_traits>
#include <pdx/rpc/enumeration.h>
#include <pdx/rpc/function_traits.h>
namespace android {
namespace pdx {
namespace rpc {
// Utility class binding a remote method opcode to its function signature.
// Describes the interface between RPC clients and services for a single method.
template <int Opcode_, typename Signature_>
struct RemoteMethodType {
typedef FunctionTraits<Signature_> Traits;
enum : int { Opcode = Opcode_ };
typedef typename Traits::Signature Signature;
typedef typename Traits::Return Return;
typedef typename Traits::Args Args;
template <typename... Params>
using RewriteArgs = typename Traits::template RewriteArgs<Params...>;
template <typename ReturnType, typename... Params>
using RewriteSignature =
typename Traits::template RewriteSignature<ReturnType, Params...>;
template <template <typename> class Wrapper, typename ReturnType,
typename... Params>
using RewriteSignatureWrapReturn =
typename Traits::template RewriteSignatureWrapReturn<Wrapper, ReturnType,
template <typename ReturnType>
using RewriteReturn = typename Traits::template RewriteReturn<ReturnType>;
// Utility class representing a set of related RemoteMethodTypes. Describes the
// interface between RPC clients and services as a set of methods.
template <typename... MethodTypes>
struct RemoteAPI {
typedef std::tuple<MethodTypes...> Methods;
enum : std::size_t { Length = sizeof...(MethodTypes) };
template <std::size_t Index>
using Method = typename std::tuple_element<Index, Methods>::type;
template <typename MethodType>
static constexpr std::size_t MethodIndex() {
return ElementForType<MethodType, MethodTypes...>::Index;
// Macro to simplify defining remote method signatures. Remote method signatures
// are specified by defining a RemoteMethodType for each remote method.
#define PDX_REMOTE_METHOD(name, opcode, ... /*signature*/) \
using name = ::android::pdx::rpc::RemoteMethodType<opcode, __VA_ARGS__>
// Macro to simplify defining a set of remote method signatures.
#define PDX_REMOTE_API(name, ... /*methods*/) \
using name = ::android::pdx::rpc::RemoteAPI<__VA_ARGS__>
} // namespace rpc
} // namespace pdx
} // namespace android