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#include <type_traits>
#include <pdx/rpc/type_operators.h>
namespace android {
namespace pdx {
namespace rpc {
// Utility type to capture return and argument types of a function signature.
// Examples:
// typedef SignatureType<int(int)> SignatureType;
// using SignatureType = SignatureType<int(int)>;
template <typename T>
using SignatureType = T;
// Utility class to extract return and argument types from function types.
// Provides nested types for return value, arguments, and full signature. Also
// provides accessor types for individual arguments, argument-arity, and type
// substitution.
template <typename T>
struct FunctionTraits;
template <typename Return_, typename... Args_>
struct FunctionTraits<Return_(Args_...)> {
using Return = Return_;
using Args = std::tuple<Args_...>;
using Signature = SignatureType<Return_(Args_...)>;
enum : std::size_t { Arity = sizeof...(Args_) };
template <std::size_t Index>
using Arg = typename std::tuple_element<Index, Args>::type;
template <typename... Params>
using RewriteArgs =
SignatureType<Return_(ConditionalRewrite<Args_, Params>...)>;
template <typename ReturnType, typename... Params>
using RewriteSignature =
SignatureType<ConditionalRewrite<Return_, ReturnType>(
ConditionalRewrite<Args_, Params>...)>;
template <template <typename> class Wrapper, typename ReturnType,
typename... Params>
using RewriteSignatureWrapReturn =
SignatureType<Wrapper<ConditionalRewrite<Return_, ReturnType>>(
ConditionalRewrite<Args_, Params>...)>;
template <typename ReturnType>
using RewriteReturn =
SignatureType<ConditionalRewrite<Return_, ReturnType>(Args_...)>;
} // namespace rpc
} // namespace pdx
} // namespace android