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#include <type_traits>
#include <pdx/rpc/copy_cv_reference.h>
namespace android {
namespace pdx {
namespace rpc {
// Utility class to capture types to find and replace.
template <typename Find, typename Replace>
struct FindReplace;
template <typename T, typename U>
using IsSameBaseType = typename std::is_same<typename std::decay<T>::type,
typename std::decay<U>::type>;
// Replaces the type Subject with type Replace if type Subject is the same type
// as type Find, excluding cv-reference qualifiers in the match.
template <typename Find, typename Replace, typename Subject>
using ReplaceType =
typename std::conditional<IsSameBaseType<Find, Subject>::value,
CopyCVReferenceType<Subject, Replace>,
// Determines whether the type Find (excluding cv-reference qualifiers) is in
// the given parameter pack.
template <typename Find, typename... Types>
struct ContainsType : std::true_type {};
template <typename Find, typename First, typename... Rest>
struct ContainsType<Find, First, Rest...>
: std::conditional<IsSameBaseType<Find, First>::value, std::true_type,
ContainsType<Find, Rest...>>::type {};
template <typename Find>
struct ContainsType<Find> : std::false_type {};
} // namespace rpc
} // namespace pdx
} // namespace android