Fix TextureView calling eglCreateImage with a destructed buffer

Fix an issue with hardware buffer passed from the SurfaceTexture
being destroyed before an SkImage is created. This CL is matched
by a change in frameworks/base I4d121f087fc842ce317745e7b7e2656f80a52b7d.

Test: Ran TextureView CTS tests and a few apps that use TextureView.
Test: Fix verified by partner Mediatek
Bug: 160930384
Bug: 152781833
Bug: 153045874
Bug: 156047948
Bug: 160514803
Bug: 155545635
Bug: 155171712
Change-Id: I2e025e683052168546f2e271a20a857b1e556b64
(cherry picked from commit 0702f1d077bab79c76a4889d7859abbaabf06b81)
2 files changed