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* Copyright (C) 2011 The Android Open Source Project
* Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License");
* you may not use this file except in compliance with the License.
* You may obtain a copy of the License at
* Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software
* distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS,
* See the License for the specific language governing permissions and
* limitations under the License.
#pragma once
#include <stdint.h>
#include <sys/types.h>
#include <condition_variable>
#include <mutex>
#include <thread>
#include <android-base/thread_annotations.h>
#include <gui/DisplayEventReceiver.h>
#include <gui/IDisplayEventConnection.h>
#include <private/gui/BitTube.h>
#include <utils/Errors.h>
#include <utils/SortedVector.h>
#include "DisplayDevice.h"
// ---------------------------------------------------------------------------
namespace android {
// ---------------------------------------------------------------------------
class EventThreadTest;
class SurfaceFlinger;
class String8;
// ---------------------------------------------------------------------------
class VSyncSource {
class Callback {
virtual ~Callback() {}
virtual void onVSyncEvent(nsecs_t when) = 0;
virtual ~VSyncSource() {}
virtual void setVSyncEnabled(bool enable) = 0;
virtual void setCallback(Callback* callback) = 0;
virtual void setPhaseOffset(nsecs_t phaseOffset) = 0;
class EventThread {
virtual ~EventThread();
virtual sp<BnDisplayEventConnection> createEventConnection() const = 0;
// called before the screen is turned off from main thread
virtual void onScreenReleased() = 0;
// called after the screen is turned on from main thread
virtual void onScreenAcquired() = 0;
// called when receiving a hotplug event
virtual void onHotplugReceived(int type, bool connected) = 0;
virtual void dump(String8& result) const = 0;
virtual void setPhaseOffset(nsecs_t phaseOffset) = 0;
namespace impl {
class EventThread : public android::EventThread, private VSyncSource::Callback {
class Connection : public BnDisplayEventConnection {
explicit Connection(EventThread* eventThread);
virtual ~Connection();
virtual status_t postEvent(const DisplayEventReceiver::Event& event);
// count >= 1 : continuous event. count is the vsync rate
// count == 0 : one-shot event that has not fired
// count ==-1 : one-shot event that fired this round / disabled
int32_t count;
virtual void onFirstRef();
status_t stealReceiveChannel(gui::BitTube* outChannel) override;
status_t setVsyncRate(uint32_t count) override;
void requestNextVsync() override; // asynchronous
EventThread* const mEventThread;
gui::BitTube mChannel;
using ResyncWithRateLimitCallback = std::function<void()>;
using InterceptVSyncsCallback = std::function<void(nsecs_t)>;
EventThread(VSyncSource* src, ResyncWithRateLimitCallback resyncWithRateLimitCallback,
InterceptVSyncsCallback interceptVSyncsCallback, const char* threadName);
sp<BnDisplayEventConnection> createEventConnection() const override;
status_t registerDisplayEventConnection(const sp<Connection>& connection);
void setVsyncRate(uint32_t count, const sp<Connection>& connection);
void requestNextVsync(const sp<Connection>& connection);
// called before the screen is turned off from main thread
void onScreenReleased() override;
// called after the screen is turned on from main thread
void onScreenAcquired() override;
// called when receiving a hotplug event
void onHotplugReceived(int type, bool connected) override;
void dump(String8& result) const override;
void setPhaseOffset(nsecs_t phaseOffset) override;
friend EventThreadTest;
void threadMain();
Vector<sp<EventThread::Connection>> waitForEventLocked(std::unique_lock<std::mutex>* lock,
DisplayEventReceiver::Event* event)
void removeDisplayEventConnectionLocked(const wp<Connection>& connection) REQUIRES(mMutex);
void enableVSyncLocked() REQUIRES(mMutex);
void disableVSyncLocked() REQUIRES(mMutex);
// Implements VSyncSource::Callback
void onVSyncEvent(nsecs_t timestamp) override;
// constants
VSyncSource* const mVSyncSource GUARDED_BY(mMutex) = nullptr;
const ResyncWithRateLimitCallback mResyncWithRateLimitCallback;
const InterceptVSyncsCallback mInterceptVSyncsCallback;
std::thread mThread;
mutable std::mutex mMutex;
mutable std::condition_variable mCondition;
// protected by mLock
SortedVector<wp<Connection>> mDisplayEventConnections GUARDED_BY(mMutex);
Vector<DisplayEventReceiver::Event> mPendingEvents GUARDED_BY(mMutex);
DisplayEventReceiver::Event mVSyncEvent[DisplayDevice::NUM_BUILTIN_DISPLAY_TYPES] GUARDED_BY(
bool mUseSoftwareVSync GUARDED_BY(mMutex) = false;
bool mVsyncEnabled GUARDED_BY(mMutex) = false;
bool mKeepRunning GUARDED_BY(mMutex) = true;
// for debugging
bool mDebugVsyncEnabled GUARDED_BY(mMutex) = false;
// ---------------------------------------------------------------------------
} // namespace impl
} // namespace android