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* Copyright (C) 2018 The Android Open Source Project
* Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License");
* you may not use this file except in compliance with the License.
* You may obtain a copy of the License at
* Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software
* distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS,
* See the License for the specific language governing permissions and
* limitations under the License.
#include "common/DepthPhotoProcessor.h"
#include <dynamic_depth/imaging_model.h>
#include <dynamic_depth/depth_map.h>
#include <gui/CpuConsumer.h>
#include "CompositeStream.h"
using dynamic_depth::DepthMap;
using dynamic_depth::Item;
using dynamic_depth::ImagingModel;
namespace android {
class CameraDeviceClient;
class CameraMetadata;
class Surface;
namespace camera3 {
class DepthCompositeStream : public CompositeStream, public Thread,
public CpuConsumer::FrameAvailableListener {
DepthCompositeStream(wp<CameraDeviceBase> device,
wp<hardware::camera2::ICameraDeviceCallbacks> cb);
~DepthCompositeStream() override;
static bool isDepthCompositeStream(const sp<Surface> &surface);
// CompositeStream overrides
status_t createInternalStreams(const std::vector<sp<Surface>>& consumers,
bool hasDeferredConsumer, uint32_t width, uint32_t height, int format,
camera3_stream_rotation_t rotation, int *id, const String8& physicalCameraId,
std::vector<int> *surfaceIds, int streamSetId, bool isShared) override;
status_t deleteInternalStreams() override;
status_t configureStream() override;
status_t insertGbp(SurfaceMap* /*out*/outSurfaceMap, Vector<int32_t>* /*out*/outputStreamIds,
int32_t* /*out*/currentStreamId) override;
int getStreamId() override { return mBlobStreamId; }
// CpuConsumer listener implementation
void onFrameAvailable(const BufferItem& item) override;
// Return stream information about the internal camera streams
static status_t getCompositeStreamInfo(const OutputStreamInfo &streamInfo,
const CameraMetadata& ch, std::vector<OutputStreamInfo>* compositeOutput /*out*/);
bool threadLoop() override;
bool onStreamBufferError(const CaptureResultExtras& resultExtras) override;
void onResultError(const CaptureResultExtras& resultExtras) override;
struct InputFrame {
CpuConsumer::LockedBuffer depthBuffer;
CpuConsumer::LockedBuffer jpegBuffer;
CameraMetadata result;
bool error;
bool errorNotified;
int64_t frameNumber;
InputFrame() : error(false), errorNotified(false), frameNumber(-1) { }
// Helper methods
static void getSupportedDepthSizes(const CameraMetadata& ch,
std::vector<std::tuple<size_t, size_t>>* depthSizes /*out*/);
static status_t getMatchingDepthSize(size_t width, size_t height,
const std::vector<std::tuple<size_t, size_t>>& supporedDepthSizes,
size_t *depthWidth /*out*/, size_t *depthHeight /*out*/);
// Dynamic depth processing
status_t encodeGrayscaleJpeg(size_t width, size_t height, uint8_t *in, void *out,
const size_t maxOutSize, uint8_t jpegQuality, size_t &actualSize);
std::unique_ptr<DepthMap> processDepthMapFrame(const CpuConsumer::LockedBuffer &depthMapBuffer,
size_t maxJpegSize, uint8_t jpegQuality,
std::vector<std::unique_ptr<Item>>* items /*out*/);
std::unique_ptr<ImagingModel> getImagingModel();
status_t processInputFrame(const InputFrame &inputFrame);
// Buffer/Results handling
void compilePendingInputLocked();
void releaseInputFrameLocked(InputFrame *inputFrame /*out*/);
void releaseInputFramesLocked(int64_t currentTs);
// Find first complete and valid frame with smallest timestamp
bool getNextReadyInputLocked(int64_t *currentTs /*inout*/);
// Find next failing frame number with smallest timestamp and return respective frame number
int64_t getNextFailingInputLocked(int64_t *currentTs /*inout*/);
static const nsecs_t kWaitDuration = 10000000; // 10 ms
static const auto kDepthMapPixelFormat = HAL_PIXEL_FORMAT_Y16;
static const auto kDepthMapDataSpace = HAL_DATASPACE_DEPTH;
static const auto kJpegDataSpace = HAL_DATASPACE_V0_JFIF;
int mBlobStreamId, mBlobSurfaceId, mDepthStreamId, mDepthSurfaceId;
size_t mBlobWidth, mBlobHeight;
sp<CpuConsumer> mBlobConsumer, mDepthConsumer;
bool mDepthBufferAcquired, mBlobBufferAcquired;
sp<Surface> mDepthSurface, mBlobSurface, mOutputSurface;
sp<ProducerListener> mProducerListener;
ssize_t mMaxJpegSize;
std::vector<std::tuple<size_t, size_t>> mSupportedDepthSizes;
std::vector<float> mIntrinsicCalibration, mLensDistortion;
bool mIsLogicalCamera;
void* mDepthPhotoLibHandle;
process_depth_photo_frame mDepthPhotoProcess;
// Keep all incoming Depth buffer timestamps pending further processing.
std::vector<int64_t> mInputDepthBuffers;
// Keep all incoming Jpeg/Blob buffer timestamps pending further processing.
std::vector<int64_t> mInputJpegBuffers;
// Map of all input frames pending further processing.
std::unordered_map<int64_t, InputFrame> mPendingInputFrames;
}; //namespace camera3
}; //namespace android